Eleveit news 2023 for enduro, track and touring

Eleveit presented at EICMA 2022 the main innovations for the 2023 season for all sectors: cross/enduro, racing and touring.

eleveit motorcycle boots collection 2023
X-Legend cross/enduro outfit and boots

Eleveit presented at EICMA the new 2023 collection full of novelties and in all categories, from touring to more technical enduro.

The company, founded by Ivo Zanatta, National Enduro Champion, has specialized over the years in the production of footwear and technical apparel, with the know-how of those who really ride motorcycles, even in competitions, and with the Italian quality known throughout Worldwide.

Noteworthy are the new motocross and enduro outfits called X-Treme and X-Legend, while as regards the stivali from off-road the surprises are numerous and interesting such as for example the new X-Privilege boot, which features a new mechanical bending system. After the success of the X-Legend boot, Eleveit offers for 2023 new color variants of the boot for motocross and enduro and with a technical upgrade.

eleveit motorcycle boots collection 2023
X-Legend and X-Privilege enduro cross boots

Also with regard to the Racing segment, the Montebelluna-based company presented some interesting innovations for those who race in all Seasons (hot and cold) such as the versions S Miura WP e S Miura Air while the version is always in the catalogue RCPro.

eleveit motorcycle boots collection 2023
Eleveit RC Pro

In the Touring segment Eleveit introduces Venom WP which is positioned next to the previous ones Metamorphosis, T Spirit Evo WP e T Ox Evo WP. In addition to being waterproof, the new Venom WP boot is ideal for motorcycle touring enthusiasts who like to go on long journeys.

eleveit motorcycle boots collection 2023
Venom WP and T Spirit Evo WP touring boots