EICMA 2021 from 23 to 28 November

Fiera Milano starts again: with EICMA the international two-wheel showcase is back.

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EICMA 2021 - The new logo - Courtesy EICMA

After the forced break for Covid19, EICMA returns, the most awaited motorcycle and two-wheeled vehicle fair ever, from 23 to 28 November 2021.

A little less than three months after the opening of its 78th edition, scheduled from 23 to 28 November next in the pavilions of Fiera Milano in Rho, the International Two-wheeler Exhibition promises to be one of the most anticipated events and a further test bench for an increasingly safe, interactive and efficient exhibition center.

And precisely on the value of the event, the CEO of Fiera Milano underlined that “EICMA fully represents what a great fair must be: a formidable tool for business promotion and communication and a development accelerator. Behind the passion for two wheels and the love for freedom that they inspire, there is a lot of work, technology, imagination, determination, the desire to bring high, to the world, the flag of a sector that is at the forefront of Made in Italy. Fiera Milano, as a partner of the trade fair organizers, is doing its utmost, through its services, people, organization, a safe exhibition area and its international attractiveness, in order to guarantee the success of Eicma ”.

An event in total safety

To guarantee visitors, exhibitors and organizers participation in fairs and events in total safety, Fiera Milano has worked on guidelines that define the procedures for carrying out all trade fair events and which will naturally be applied at EICMA.

Among these, particular attention was paid to the indications for entering the fair: the pedestrian and vehicular access gates were redefined, paying particular attention to the correct management of transit flows. In addition, the use of digital technologies was implemented in order to automate entry procedures. A neighborhood app will allow you to access a series of services including fast track, parking and restaurant reservations. Furthermore, the catering areas have been organized in such a way as to guarantee the necessary social distancing.

The constant use of the mask for all those who will enter the fairgrounds, then completes the picture of the measures described. Thanks to these simple and clear rules it will therefore be possible to move between the stands with the utmost tranquility, meet and discuss, thus protecting the trade fair business while safeguarding everyone's health.

The two-wheeler market

In the first seven months of 2021, mopeds, scooter e motorcycle they marked an overall increase of 36,5% on the previous year equal to 211.760 license plates. In particular, mopeds reached 12.178 (+ 8,96%), scooters 110.806 (+ 37,4%) and motorcycles 88.776 (+ 40,43%). Compared to the first seven months of 2019, the market increased by 17,1%.

The electric vehicle market closed the month of July (latest data available) with 1.214 vehicles sold, equal to a growth of 57%. The annual progressive marks an increase of 34,51% with 6.338 vehicles. Also in this area of ​​the market, the comparison with 2019 marks an overall growth of 127,1%.

As for the bike market, 2020 (latest data available) was a record year. In fact, 2.010.000 (+ 17% on 2019) the total number of bicycles sold. Traditional bikes have grown (+ 14% on 2019) with 1.730.000 pieces purchased, while eBikes (280 pieces) have registered a robust + 44%. Pedal assisted bicycles are confirmed as a constantly growing market phenomenon. In just five years, eBikes have in fact quintupled their sales figures, going from just over 50 thousand pieces per year to 280 thousand in 2020: a surge that has widened the audience and opens up further development prospects for the industry in the sector. and its supply chain.

The growth of the industry

Peter Meda, president of EICMA SpA, ”the collaboration with Fiera Milano is now a very precious and fruitful collaboration, which has never intensified as this year in the face of the complexities of the challenges. After the stop last year, most of the reference industry has tightened around the value of our event and continues to believe in the opportunity offered by EICMA as an international showcase for their investments.

The 2021 edition represents a very significant appointment for the entire supply chain and for enthusiasts it will finally be an opportunity to live their passion in safety and to see the whole offer of the sector live in a single moment without the intermediation of a something virtual, let's not forget what EICMA means in terms of induced activities and attractiveness for the city of Milan and the hospitality system in Lombardy ”.

Paul Magri, CEO of EICMA SpA and president of Confindustria ANCMA (National Association of Cycle and Motorcycle Accessories), finally underlined "the protagonism that two wheels have matured in post-Covid mobility". "The sector - remarked Magri - is in fact experiencing a very stimulating moment: there is a lot of interest around our world, more and more for passion and also for a new demand for mobility the two-wheeled motor, pedal and electric markets. they are showing very positive numbers, in contrast to many other sectors, and this instills particular confidence not only in the sector, but also with respect to the success of our event ".

For more information you can visit the EICMA official website.