New Ducati Scrambler 1100 PRO

Ducati Scrambler® 1100 in two new 1100 PRO and 1100 Sport PRO versions. They will be available from the end of March 2020.

new Ducati Scrambler® 1100 PRO
new Ducati Scrambler® 1100 PRO

An official video available on the brand's channels presents the new Scrambler 1100 range, with the two brand new 1100 PRO and 1100 Sport PRO models

  • Renewed graphics, new exhaust and saddle finishes, shorter rear fender and low license plate holder characterize the two new Scrambler 1100 PROs.
  • Scrambler 1100 Sport PRO is enriched with an even sportier heritage thanks to the new handlebar, narrower and shorter with Café Racer-style mirrors, and Öhlins suspension

Even more fun and performing, characterized by an iconic and original design at the same time, i new Scrambler 1100 PRO they represent the ideal choice for those who want to drive one motorcycle with a 1079 cm³ engine, characterized by a generous torque available right from low revs, with a 15-litre steel tank which, combined with the comfortable saddle characterized by the new upholstery, allows you to tackle even the longest journeys.

Iconic style and a sense of freedom, but also agility between curves safely for guaranteed fun: this is the spirit that gave life to the new Scrambler 1100 PRO and Scrambler 1100 Sport PRO. Born for those who love to ride the bike even outside urban centers, perhaps in the company of a passenger, these new models are a further declination of the bike that interprets and completes the Land Of Joy Scrambler.

new Ducati Scrambler® 1100 SPORT PRO
Ducati Scrambler® 1100 Sport Pro

Between the two proposed versions, the scrambler® 1100 PRO is distinguished by the new two-tone "Ocean Drive" livery, combined with frame in steel tubes and  aluminum rear subframe, both black. All the aluminum covers are also black. The rear is the most characterizing part of the bike thanks to the new double right side exhaust and  low license plate holder which, associated with the new color, make an important contribution to making the bike more compact. Another distinctive element is the front light: taking inspiration from the tape, which in the 70s was applied to the headlights to preserve the optical group, an “X” in black metal has been recreated inside the headlight. A detail that makes the bike even more recognizable and original, even with the lights off.

Lo Scrambler 1100 Sport PRO it's the beefier version of the Land of Joy. This version brings with it all the stylistic details of the PRO and, in addition, it is equipped with Öhlins suspension, low handlebars and Café Racer style rear view mirrors. The 1100 Sport PRO is available in “Matt Black” color where, on the interchangeable cheeks, the 1100 logo is painted.

The Scrambler 1100 PRO are also at the forefront of electronics, equipped with Ducati Traction Control (DTC), specifically calibrated for the model, and of ABS cornering, which guarantees safety in any type of curve. THE three standard Riding Modes, Active, Journey and City, also help less experienced motorcyclists to find the right balance in the use of electronic components by choosing their riding style.

Scrambler 1100 PRO and Scrambler 1100 Sport PRO will be available from the end of March 2020. More information on the new models can be found in the Scrambler Ducati official website, you can also see the launch video on the YouTube channel of the brand.