Ducati DesertX: videos, photos, information, performance, price

Ducati DesertX: a motorcycle created to experience the pleasure of adventure without setting any limits.

Ducati presents DesertX, the new bike ready for big trips, adventure and desert raids. Beautiful, complete and robust, it is ready to challenge anyone and everyone.

She will be the winner among the medium displacements like the Yamaha Ténéré or l 'Aprilia Tuareg 660? Who will challenge it among the maxi-enduros?

The new Ducati DesertX was presented to the public in the sixth episode of the Ducati World Premiere 2022. Its main features are: Testastretta engine, 21 "front wheel, 18" rear, long travel suspension and wide ground clearance to tackle the most demanding off-road.

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  1. Design and style
  2. Chassis and suspension
  3. Wheels and brakes
  4. Ergonomics and comfort
  5. Engine and autonomy
  6. Off-road driving
  7. Electronics and security
  8. Electronics, LEDs and infotainment
  9. Accessories and prices

An motorcycle that has inoff-road its natural territory and that moves the boundaries of what can be done with a Ducati. The dunes of deserts, the narrow off-road paths, the dirt roads and those of the passivated Mountain: with the new DesertX many new paths are opening up.

Design and style

Ducati DesertX info test review enduro off-road
Ducati DesertX

Equipped with 21 "front wheel and 18 ”rear wheel, the new DesertX has been designed to tackle even the most demanding off-road. The development dedicated to off-road vehicles combined with Ducati road expertise give life to a responsive and manageable bike, at ease on all types of roads and asphalt.

DesertX's design is a modern interpretation of the lines of the enduro motorcycle from the 80s, created by the Ducati Style Center following the criteria of essentiality and sturdiness.
The bike is visually composed of 3 macro elements: a single volume that includes the tank and the side protections, the saddle and the windshield that integrates the distinctive double headlight, capable of further strengthening the uniqueness of the bike. This stylistic reading is emphasized by the black and white colors that alternate between the different areas. The surfaces in contact with the rider are large and well connected to facilitate movement, especially when driving off-road.

Chassis and suspension

Ducati DesertX info test review enduro off-road
Ducati DesertX

The layout adopted for the chassis of the new Ducati DesertX includes a new steel trellis frame, which works in combination with long travel suspension capable of guaranteeing optimal behavior even in the most demanding off-road. The optimization of all components has led to the creation of an efficient bike, with a dry weight of 202 kg. The choices made in terms of chassis make DesertX an easy bike to ride and able to convey feeling and safety on all types of roads, even on the most bumpy ones.

In terms of suspension, DesertX stands out for its professional and high-level equipment. There Kayaba fork upside-down 46mm diameter has 230mm of travel and is adjustable in compression, rebound and preload. The mono-shock absorber, also Kayaba, is adjustable in compression, rebound and preload and, combined with the aluminum swingarm, allows a rear wheel travel of 220 mm.
DesertX owns a generous ground clearance of 250 mm, particularly important for more demanding off-road driving.

Wheels and brakes

Ducati DesertX info test review enduro off-road
Ducati DesertX

The DesertX is fitted with completely new wheels for a Ducati, in the measures of 21 "at the front and 18" at the rear: the typical dimensions of off-road motorcycles.
The original equipment tires are i Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR, with sizes 90 / 90-21 and 150/70 R18: the perfect choice for a truly all-round use of the bike. DesertX is also homologated to fit both more off-road oriented tires and more road tires.

The braking system is equipped, like all ducati motorcycle, with ABS Cornering function. The front features Brembo M50 monobloc radial calipers with 4 30 mm diameter pistons, axial pump with adjustable levers and double 320 mm discs with aluminum flanges. At the rear, on the other hand, we find a single 265 mm diameter disc on which a twin-piston floating caliper, again from Brembo, works.
The braking power setting has been designed to offer great flexibility in off-road driving and on difficult surfaces, but also the right power for road use.

Ergonomics and comfort

Ducati DesertX info test review enduro off-road
Ducati DesertX

The ergonomics of the new DesertX have been developed over long and demanding off-road and asphalt test sessions. The saddle-footpeg-handlebar triangulation expresses its maximum potential in standing driving typical of off-road and offers an excellent level of comfort even when driving on the road. There saddle is positioned at 875 mm from the ground. The combination of the particularly narrow arch of the horse and the initial compliance of the suspension ensures good contact with the ground. The saddle height can be reduced by mounting the lowered saddle (available as an accessory) and can be lowered further by installing the lowered suspension kit (also available as an accessory).

Ducati has also worked on a number of content that really makes DesertX pleasant on any type of route: the driving position is comfortable for both the rider and the passenger, thanks to the definition of shape and padding targeted for each of the two seats. Heat management is studied in detail with openings and flows of fresh air while aerodynamic protection is ensured by the great care taken in defining the shape and size of the original equipment windshield and the accessory one, even more protective.

Engine and autonomy

Ducati DesertX info test review enduro off-road
Ducati DesertX

The heart of the new DesertX is the acclaimed desmodromic distribution engine Headastretta 11 ° of 937 cm3 liquid cooled. Characterized by an excellent level of reliability, this engine delivers 110 hp at 9.250 rpm and a maximum torque of 92 Nm at 6.500 rpm. The engine counts on all the improvements already seen on Monster e Multistrada V2, including the extremely compact and lightweight 8-disc clutch and the gearbox equipped with a drum that works on bearings to minimize friction and improve precision and smoothness in the shift phase, also contributing to a reduction in the total weight of the engine by 1,7 kg compared to the previous version.

Autonomy suitable for longer journeys is guaranteed by the tank of over 21 l. of capacity and the possibility of mounting a second tank at the rear of the bike as an accessory, adding further 8 liters of petrol. The transfer of gasoline from the rear to the front tank is enabled when the fuel level in the main tank drops below a certain level and can be activated from the dashboard.

Off-road driving

Ducati DesertX info test review enduro off-road
Ducati DesertX

To offer the best possible return in the off-road driving and in the various intended uses, the Testastretta 11 ° has been optimized specifically for this bike. In fact, the gearbox has different dedicated ratios compared to those of the Multistrada V2. There ratios it was overall shortened on all gears up to fifth to ensure the best off-road behavior. First and second gears, in particular, are much shorter than the other models, to facilitate the low-speed driving phases of some difficult passages typical of off-road use. At the other extreme, sixth gear is suitably long to facilitate highway use of the bike while maintaining low engine speeds, which allow fuel consumption to be limited and comfort levels to be increased.

Electronics and security

Ducati DesertX info test review enduro off-road
Ducati DesertX

The safety and performance of the new Ducati model are also guaranteed by the electronic systems, which represent the state of the art in terms of driving assistance. THE Riding Modes There are 6 available on DesertX and they work in combination with the 4 Power Modes that modify the power and responsiveness of the Testastretta: Full, High, Medium, Low. The main novelty is the specific settings for the Enduro Riding Mode and the introduction of the new Rally Riding Mode, which are added to Sport, Touring, Urban and Wet.

The Enduro Riding Mode, thanks to the reduced power and the specially designed control settings, allows you to tackle the most demanding dirt roads with greater safety and makes it easier for novice riders to ride off-road. The Rally riding modes instead, with full engine power and reduced electronic controls, it's designed for more experienced riders who want to make the most of the DesertX's off-road performance.

Each Riding Mode, also thanks to the presence of the IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) Bosch, can change the character of the bike according to the rider's choices, by acting on the intervention levels of the various electronic controls: Engine Brake Control (EBC), Ducati Traction Control (DTC), Ducati Wheelie Control (DWC), Ducati Quick Shift (DQS) Up & Down and ABS Cornering.

THEABS corneringin particular, it can be set on 3 levels to be able to adapt to any situation and to the level of experience of the pilot. In the Riding Modes dedicated to off-road (Enduro and Rally), ABS Cornering can also be completely deactivated using the control block with a dedicated button.

Electronics, LEDs and infotainment

Il dashboard of DesertX, oriented vertically and positioned to offer the best possible visibility even in standing driving, is equipped with TFT color display 5 ”high resolution. The instrumentation is designed for integration with the Ducati Multimedia System which allows you to connect it smartphone, thus activating new functions such as music and call management or the Turn by Turn navigation* (optional) showing driving directions directly on the dashboard.

The driver has the possibility to choose between two standard Info Modes: Standard and Rally. In the Info Mode Standard all the information necessary for road driving is displayed: rev counter and speedometer are clearly visible, as well as the gear engaged, the fuel level and other information necessary for the journey. The tripmaster function is present in the Rally Info Mode. This replicates the operation of the tripmaster used in rally motorcycles and allows you to manually adjust the odometer indication, using the buttons on the control block.

The technological equipment of the bike is also of the highest level as regards the lighting system which is full LED. The double front headlight has two bi-function poly-ellipsoidal modules with Daytime Running Light (DRL) and has been designed to ensure excellent visibility, particularly important for a motorcycle capable of traveling in all conditions. The rear light is equipped with Ducati Brake Light, a system which, in the event of sudden braking, automatically activates the flashing of the rear light to signal the condition of sudden slowdown to the following vehicles, making a further contribution to the rider's safety.

Accessories and prices

A motorcycle with so many facets can be further customized by the rider according to his needs by drawing on the wide range of accessories Ducati Performance. Among the most important are: the rally saddle, which combines the driver and passenger seats for greater effectiveness in off-road driving, and the additional 8-liter tank. For touring there are aluminum side cases in the catalog which, combined with the top case, give the bike one total load capacity of almost 120 l, the additional LED spotlights, the central stand and the heated grips. Lo are also available Termignoni approved exhaust and the racing exhaust, also from Termignoni, which thanks to the dedicated mapping increases the power and torque values ​​by + 7%.

The bike has such a strong identity that, for the first time, the Ducati Style Center has also curated one capsule collection which incorporates the livery: a collection inspired by the iconic "Dakarian Style”And called 21/18, in homage to the size of the motorcycle's wheels. The technical suit includes jacket, pants and helmet and will be available in a limited edition. Alongside it will also be a range of clothing lifestyle specifically designed for this model, consisting of a sweatshirt, two t-shirts and a hat.

DesertX will be available in Ducati dealerships from May 2022 to price di Euro 15.990 fc The new Ducati model can also be ordered in a 35 kW version with reduced power for A2 license holders. In Italy, to encourage the entry of the youngest enthusiasts to the world of two wheels, Ducati proposes a subsidy of 1.000 euros on the list price of all 35 kW motorcycles available in the range. The Bolognese motorcycle manufacturer also offers the “4Ever Ducati” guarantee, valid for 4 years with unlimited mileage, guaranteed by the entire dealer network.

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