Dolomites by motorbike: the most beautiful passes

The most beautiful passes in the Dolomites between Veneto and Trentino to discover by motorbike or bicycle: guide, information, itinerary and travel tips.

Cortina D'Ampezzo - Dolomites by motorbike
Cortina D'Ampezzo - Dolomites

The Dolomites, a UNESCO heritage site, are the most popular mountains among cyclists, motorcyclists and tourists in general from all over the world. Here is a complete guide of the 10 most beautiful steps to take on a motorcycle.

Between Trentino Alto Adige and Veneto the Dolomites are the real protagonists among the Alpine peaks. They can be reached, even within a day, by motorbike from Lombardy, Austria and Friuli.

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  1. Campolongo Pass
  2. Passo Cereda
  3. Costalunga Pass
  4. Herb Pass
  5. Falzarego Pass
  6. Pass of Lago Fedaia
  7. Gardena Pass
  8. Passo Giau
  9. Pordoi Pass
  10. Passo role
  11. Sella Pass

Hundreds of kilometers of asphalted kilometers between curves and hairpin bends create a spectacular network of scenic roads and passivated passing through small, postcard-perfect places villages Mountain, museums of war, pastures and lakes.

Campolongo Pass

One of the four passes of the Sellaronda itinerary that connects the passes: Gardena, Sella, Pordoi.

Passo Campolongo itinerary motorbike Trentino bicycle information
Campolongo Pass - Ph. Shutterstock

Passo Cereda

Passo Cereda is one of the most beautiful itineraries in the Dolomites and one of the most evocative Alpine Passes to be done by motorbike. Route and useful tips.

Passo Cereda by motorbike
Passo Cereda - Ph: dlaurro

Costalunga Pass

Dolomites and Trentino by motorbike: itinerary from Bolzano to Vigo di Fassa through the Costalunga Pass or the Nigra Pass.

passo costalunga motorcycle itinerary Trentino bicycle information
Costalunga Pass - Karerpass - Ph. Shutterstock

Herb Pass

Passo delle Erbe is one of the most beautiful passes in the Dolomites, it is very scenic and undemanding, perfect for motorcycles or bicycles.

step of the herbs path itinerary motorbike bike closed
Passo delle Erbe - Ph. Shutterstock

Falzarego Pass

Passo Falzarego, theater of the most bitter battles in the Dolomites, spectacular to ride by motorbike, panoramic and rich in history.

falzarego pass cortina d'ampezzo the villa dolomites motorcycle bike mtb route great war stones lagazuoi
Falzarego Pass - Ph. Shutterstock

Pass of Lago Fedaia

Passo Fedaia by motorbike, on the homonymous lake, takes you to admire all the splendor of the Marmolada, from which the glacier streams flow.

pass lake fedaia dolomites by motorbike itinerary route tours holidays
Passo di Lago Fedaia - Ph. Shutterstock

Gardena Pass

Passo Gardena, one of the best-known passes in the Dolomites, offers unique views and lots of fun bends: a true paradise for motorcycles.

val gardena pass selva corvara dolomites motorcycle bike mtb route
Gardena Pass - Ph. Shutterstock

Passo Giau

Discover Passo Giau by motorbike on the itinerary from Cortina d'Ampezzo to Selva di Cadore, passing through Alleghe, a truly unmissable road.

Passo Giau itinerary by motorbike
Passo Giau - Veneto by motorbike

Pordoi Pass

Passo Pordoi one of the most beautiful passes in the Dolomites, to be done by motorbike or bicycle, it is also the second highest road in Italy at 2.239 meters.

pordoi pass dolomites by motorbike itinerary route travel tours
Pordoi Pass - Ph. Shutterstock

Passo role

The scene of numerous battles during the First World War, today the Rolle Pass is one of the most popular passes in the Dolomites for motorcyclists, cyclists and hikers.

Passo Rolle itinerary motorcycle Trentino bike information
Passo Rolle- Ph Shutterstock

Sella Pass

Passo Sella is the most famous and beaten in the Dolomites and Trentino, a pleasure for those who ride a motorbike especially for the views it offers.

saddle pass dolomites by motorbike itinerary route tours holidays
Passo Sella - Ph Shutterstock