Dolomites: no ban on motorcycles

No blocking of motorcycles in the Dolomites but in Tyrol the ban will remain in force until October 31st. Download the map of the roads prohibited for motorbikes.

Austria ban on motorcycles

After the news of the Tyrol closed to motorbikes until October 31, also in Italy the ecological hotelier Michil Costa proposes to prohibit motorcycles from passing through the Dolomites.

In Tyrol, in addition to the restrictions related to Covid19, they have decided to "fight" the noise pollution caused by motorcycle whose booklet reports sound emissions over 95db. It is not new in Europe, but the initiative is also finding supporters in South Tyrol.

Download here the map of the roads closed to motorcycles in Tyrol

Michil Costa, hotelier and founder of the Costa Family Foundation Onlus, has always been very active, not only in the entrepreneurial sphere, creating and developing new models of hospitality, but also in the path aimed at reducing pollution (in all its forms).

From video published on Video33 we learn the interest of Mr. Costa in supporting the initiative proposed in Tyrol, that is to ban the transit of motorcycles in areas of greatest naturalistic and landscape interest also in South Tyrol. Obviously this is a very strong position for a motorcycle purist and for us motorcyclists in general.

Luckily there will be no transit ban in 2020 in Italy, but an upgrade of buses and shuttles will be planned. Zero tolerance with the loudest bikes in general, so be careful anyway. The fine provided for in Tyrol is 220 euros, for those who are "pinched".

However, let's try to analyze the question, present and future, on 3 issues that affect everyone:

    1. Motorcycle tourism is worth over two billion in annual turnover* in Italy and, in the last 5 years, it has become a pivot of the national tourism business involving over 1,5 million Italians. Italian motorcyclists generate an induced amount of almost 318 million and almost 6 million spend their holidays within national borders. If we add tourism to this premise incoming, that is from abroad to Italy, I do not think that many of Mr. Costa's fellow hoteliers and restaurateurs are happy to give up on a constantly growing market which is often an important percentage of their turnover, especially in this particular historical period. of economic suffering. * Massimo Ferruzzi - Jfc - Research Company - 2018 data
    2. Safety: in recent years and in recent times after the lockdown, road accidents involving motorcycles have again increased. Roads are often mistaken for circuits, one's ability to drive is underestimated or the performance of the motorcycle used is excessive ... many causes that are added to other increasingly frequent ones such as the use of smartphones driving (motorists), the presence of cyclists in messy groups, people on foot, campers, buses, trucks, works in progress ... Then perhaps it is more appropriate to regulate traffic, vehicles, speed limits and enforce the rules, since accidents often involve all the categories mentioned above .
    3. Noise pollution: let's face it, we are not exactly silent, either because of the power of the bike, or because of the search for performance and sound with less silent yet homologated silencers. But at this point the ban should also be extended to all vehicles that exceed 95 decibels, from private vehicles to those for work, including diesel buses of tourists armed with rucksacks and sandals who flock to the peaks for ecological walks at high altitude. . I think the groundhog bothers a Panigale and a Volvo 9700 in general.

This just to mention just 3 main issues on which a huge range of other options, controversies, controversies open up ...

As far as we are concerned, we can only continue to support this splendid world of two wheels, with its travels, its emotions, our people, our friends and street brothers, its noises and its smells ... always in mutual respect and of those who share this beautiful land of ours with us.

Therefore, respect the rules, the places, the people, to never be in the wrong and to let everyone, especially the younger ones, know how beautiful it is to travel the world by motorbike.

Good road and good life to you too Mr. Costa.


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Image by Rico Löb from Pixabay