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Val D'Aosta by motorbike

Valle d'Aosta by motorbike is the region of the Alps on the border with France and Switzerland, with itineraries, villages, castles and majestic mountains.

Valle d'Aosta is mainly famous for peaks such as the Matterhorn, Monte Rosa, Gran Paradiso and Mont Blanc. In addition to the mountain resorts, there are many destinations and activities in the smallest region of Italy.

Here we also find the Gran Paradiso National Park where it is possible to observe animals in their natural environment: chamois, golden eagles, marmots and ibex. Along the valley that from Pont Saint Martin reaches Courmayeur, you will find 82 buildings, including military fortresses, ancient residences and watchtowers. Most known OF THE Aosta Valley castles is the Castle of Fénis, but the Castle of Issogne, Sarriod de la Tour, Sarre, Saint-Pierre, Ussel, just to name a few. Another idyllic place is the Colle del Nivolet, which however can only be reached from Piemonte.

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By motorbike in Val D'Aosta from the Castles to the Spas to the Piccolo San Bernardo

Val D'Aosta, small and incredible, perfect for a weekend on a motorcycle among curves, mountains, spas and castles rich in history.
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