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Friuli Venezia Giulia by motorbike

Friuli Venezia Giulia is a region rich in history and beauty enclosed between the sea and the Alps, to be visited and discovered by motorbike all year round.

Autonomous region with special statute since 1963, it shares history, flavors, traditions and breathtaking roads with Austria, Slovenia, the Adriatic Sea and the Veneto.

An ideal destination to experience the mountains in all seasons, it takes advantage of the naturalistic prowess of areas such as Carnia, Piancavallo and Tarvisiano,  The Dolomites Friulian, Carnic and Julian Alps and Prealps, Piancavallo, Tarvisio, Ravascletto-Zoncolan, Forni di Sopra and Sella Nevea-Kanin. The offer is completed by modern spas such as that of Arta, at the foot of the mount Zoncolan, and a folkloric background with unique nuances. Without forgetting the excellence of food and wine which, from San Daniele ham to the wines of the Friuli vineyard, is expressed in a thousand shades, not least those coming from the Adriatic Sea.

Miramare castle trieste motorbike friuli

Friuli by motorbike on the Eastern border: from Trieste to Castelmonte

Motorbike itinerary from the sea of ​​Trieste, a city of symbol of Italian culture and history, along the Slovenian border up to Castelmonte.
Friuli by motorcycle - Lake Sauris - Veneto Alpine passes itinerary

Alpine passes and roads between Veneto and Friuli

Motorbike itinerary between lakes and alpine passes from Lozzo di Cadore to Ampezzo, to the famous Tre Cime di Lavaredo and Lake Sauris.
Passo Pramollo motorcycle alps alpine passes austria italy friuli

Passo Pramollo (Nassfeld) by motorbike in the Alps

The Passo di Pramollo, Nassfled in German, is a suggestive mountain pass with a splendid lake where you can stop by motorbike.
Monte Zoncolan - ascent of the kaiser motorbike bike route route road

Monte Zoncolan "the ascent of the Kaiser"

Mount Zoncolan, nicknamed "the Kaiser" is well known among cyclists: an extremely demanding climb to be tackled by bike.
Chianzutan Friuli saddle on motorbike

Saddle Chianzutan in motion

Friuli by motorbike means driving between sea, mountains, lakes and immersed rivers, through passes and forks such as the Sella Chianzutan.
Monte Cavallo in motion - Piancavallo

Monte Cavallo - On and Off in Friuli

A short itinerary of 70 kilometers along a splendid dirt road that leads to the malghe and continues up to Piancavallo.

Venzone - Friuli by motorbike

Since 1965 Venzone has been declared a National Monument as the only fourteenth-century fortified village in the region and subsequently one of the most extraordinary examples of restoration.
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