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Basilicata by motorbike

Basilicata, straddling two seas, is a small and rural region of southern Italy that will make your motorcycle trip truly unforgettable.

It is also the only region of Italy to have a double denomination, Lucania: a land of ancient origins in which the history and nature of man have left important traces since prehistoric times.

The ancient name of "Lucania" derives from the Latin "lucus" referring to the land of woods or to the fact that it was populated by the Liky, an ancient people from Anatolia, or because it was a land reached by a warrior people who followed the sunlight, formerly "luc". From the historical-artistic point of view, therefore, this region offers a precious and varied heritage, far from the usual stylistic canons. Currently, the population is divided into the 131 municipalities of the provinces of Power e Matera. The naturalistic treasures of this region divided between flat, hilly, mountainous and coastal areas are distinguished by the presence of areas such as the chain del Sirino, the Lucanian Apennines, the Potenza mountains, the Vulture, the Ionian plain, the Tyrrhenian coast of Maratea and Metaponto, without forgetting the spa offer. In fact, there is no shortage of springs with waters and muds in places with a thermal establishment such as Latronico nel Pollino National Park and Rapolla in the Vulture area.

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