Desert Road – Motorcycle tours and adventures in Israel with Ténéré 700

Israel on the road and off-road on the Yamaha Ténéré 700: here are the Desert Road tours also in collaboration with Pol Tarres.

Desert Road - Israel Motorcycle Tours rental hold 700
Desert Road - Israel Motorcycle Tours

Desert Road is the Israeli tour operator, with a fleet of 10 Yamaha Ténéré 700, most suitable for an adventure tour throughout the country, on and off-road, even in the company of Pol Tarres himself.

You will be guided through tracks and breathtaking views by a guide with many years of active service in the Israel Defense Forces and in the secret services, and the possibility of being accompanied and instructed by Pol Tarres, Yamaha rider and teammate of Alessandro Botturi, famous throughout the the world for his T7 stunts.

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If you have never been in Israel I suggest you to see our video made a short time ago and then to entrust you to those who can make you appreciate every kilometer of this extraordinary land to the fullest.

What is Desert Road

The company specializes in on and off road tours throughout Israel, with guidance and assistance in English, Spanish and Hebrew. Desert Road takes care of everything except flights, leaving the customer only the pleasure of driving and discovery. Off-road tours and experiences are customized on the basis of driving ability, choosing the most suitable routes for groups and riders, and selecting the best destinations and facilities to make each tour unforgettable.Desert Road - Israel Motorcycle Tours rental hold 700

Who is Raz?

The founder of Desert Road, Raz Tsafrir, is a long-time motorcyclist, Captain in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) and then in the ssecret services, with assets of a MBA and two daughters.

Raz Tsafrir

An enormous "military" as well as cultural experience at the service of its customers, with many anecdotes and stories ready to be revealed in every corner of the country, from the border with Egypt to that with Syria.

The rental fleet

Waiting for you in Tel Aviv, in addition to Raz, you will find well 10 Yamaha Tenére 700 ready to go on an adventure. The luggage will be entrusted to the Desert Road staff who will take care of making sure you find it at the hotel at the right time. on motorcycle, at your disposal there will be a 40 liter bag for all your personal effects.

Desert Road - Israel Motorcycle Tours rental hold 700
Desert Road – Israel Motorcycle Tours

Do you also want Pol Tarres?

There is one person who loves Israel and goes there whenever he can, his name is Pol Tarres, official Yamaha rider, born and raised on motorcycles Trial, today he is famous all over the world, not only for his achievements but also for his stunts on the Ténéré 700. Well, if you want to discover Israel guided and accompanied by Pol, with Desert Road everything is possible, and your adventure will be even more adrenaline-pumping.

Pol Tarres on Yamaha Ténéré 700
Pol Tarres on Yamaha Ténéré 700

Desert Road tours

In addition to the experience with Pol Tarres, you can choose between 3 different tour solutions, or request a tailor-made experience for you or your group.

Desert Road - Israel Motorcycle Tours rental hold 700
Desert Road – Israel Motorcycle Tours

4 days and 1.000 km – 3 nights in boutique hotel, 4 breakfasts and dinners. You will visit over 20 national parks and sites. On-road and off-road route traveling to the most prominent areas in Israel including: the Galileethe river valley Giordano, Dead Sea and the desert of negev.

Desert Road - Israel Motorcycle Tours rental hold 700
Desert Road – Israel Motorcycle Tours

5 days and 1.300km riding the new Ténéré 700 – 4 nights in excellent boutique hotels, 5 breakfasts and dinners, over 25 national sites. The on-road and off-road routes will allow you to have fun and discover a territory that is unique in the world. In addition to the destinations of the shorter tour, you have the opportunity to visit the Hula valley e Jerusalem.

Desert Road - Israel Motorcycle Tours rental hold 700
Desert Road – Israel Motorcycle Tours

7 days and over 1600km to discover all the wonders of Israel. From Galilee to Golan Heights, from ancient Jerusalem to Ramon Crater, from the Negev Desert to the deepest depression on earth, the Dead Sea. In the longer tour you will be able to discover all the best of the country, without forgetting (as with every tour) culture, traditions and the excellent kitchen now famous all over the world.

Information and reservations

To contact Desert Road you can visit the site desertroad. bike or write directly to Raz via the contact form. For more photos and videos, don't forget to follow him on the channels Facebook e Instagram.

For information on Israel, climate, equipment and much more, you can consult the our practical guide.