Seventy Degrees complete touring motorcycle: test and review

Seventy Degrees motorcycle touring suit: test and review of the jacket and pants with modern colors, excellent materials and very competitive price.

Seventy Degrees Complete Touring
Seventy Degrees Complete Touring SD-JT43 and SD-PT3

The complete travel and adventure motorcycle according to Seventy Degrees: 4 seasons, excellent performance, affordable price and colors for everyone. Here is our review after a long test.

Better a suit for every season or one for all? Seventy Degrees proposes the 4-season touring line which consists of SD-JT43 or SD-JC30 jacket to be combined with SD-PT3 or SD-PT1 trousers depending on the chosen pattern.

For ours Triumph Tiger white we chose dark gray with red and blue graphics. A clear reference to BMW colors ... but let's say that one day we betray the queen for the chancellor?

SD-JT43 jacket

Seventy Degrees Complete Touring
Seventy Degrees SD-JT43

It is a three-quarter touring jacket, equipped with many and abundant air vents, waterproof thanks to the removable WinterTex membrane and insulating from the cold with the thermal lining supplied with the suit. Depending on the season, the desired degree of protection against high or low temperatures can therefore be customized. We tested it on the long lake of Lecco at the end of January, in combination with technical underwear for the winter season, and the only concern was the ice on the road.

The insulation is excellent: the outer layer is obviously not watertight but the waterproof and thermal membrane ensure a good seal of body heat. Even if you wear three garments with attached protections, the mobility of the body is not penalized. The weight felt when you "lift" it is no longer felt once it is worn. The jacket is equipped with a back pocket with zip (convenient as a document holder, maps, gloves or other) and double front pockets.

Seventy Degrees Complete Touring
Seventy Degrees SD-JT43

For the hot season, the jacket is equipped with multiple ventilation zones zipped on the chest, arms (very wide) and back combined with the adjustments on the arms and waist, for a perfect fit and to avoid annoying turbulence.

The protections, according to CE standards, are present on the shoulders, elbows and back. Not very light but still included in the price of a 4 seasons game complete with everything and very affordable. The retail price is 249,00 euros.

SD-PT3 trousers

The trousers follow the same philosophy as the jacket: three layers (to be used according to needs), protections on the knees and hips, presence of side buckles for adjusting the waist and removable straps. The pants have an air vent on the upper thigh and side reflective inserts below the knee for night safety.

Seventy Degrees Complete Touring
Seventy Degrees SD-JT43

Both in the cold and in the heat they do their job, always ensuring the right temperature and comfort even for the most demanding motorcyclist. We also tried it on Strade Bianche driving standing for long distances and we found no limits to mobility. There is also the female version, the model takes up the colors of the men's version for those who want to have coordinated equipment.

The protections on the knees are very comfortable while those on the hips we found them a bit annoying especially in the dressing phase, but they are still removable. As for the jacket, the price is very competitive and competitive. To the public are 149,00 Euros.

Why would I buy it

Comfort and maximum protection from the cold even at high speeds are ensured; at high temperatures there is good ventilation, but it is not a completely summery garment; beautiful colors; resistant materials. The price is unbeatable and with little expense you can also get the suit for the wife.

What we didn't like

The standard protectors mounted on the sides of the trousers are not very comfortable. Personally I prefer all the pockets with zippers, the pants fit them, the jacket doesn't.

So how do we answer the initial question? With a few euros, compared to the competition, get a "Complete" in the true sense of the word, without the need for anything else. Effective in all weather conditions and also beautiful to look at.

Seventy Degrees clothing and helmets MT Helmets are distributed by A2 Agency.

Motorcycle Triumph Tiger 800
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Mask Aries RC Flow

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