Dakar Rally 2021 - 7th stage

Ricky Brabec: "I don't know if this Dakar is more of a strategy or a pulse".

Dakar 2021 - Ricky Brabec - ASO F. Gooden DPPI
Dakar 2021 - Ricky Brabec - ASO F. Gooden DPPI

Seventh stage of the 2021 Dakar rally, from Ha'Il to Sakaka. Ricky Brabec wins, but only 1 second separates Nacho Cornejo from Toby Price in general.

The Dakar heads towards Sakakah after a short day of rest. The riders faced a special of 453 km with 100 km kilometers of ups and downs almost without interruptions with stony plateaus and winding tracks, being careful to preserve the bike.

Toby Price is still holding his own halfway through for just under a minute ahead of Ricky brabec e Kevin Benavidez, while Bang Bang Barreda loses almost 9 minutes, e Ross Branch 40 minutes for mechanical problems after a fall. But from km 279 it is Ricky brabec to take the lead, after a brief exploit at the top of Kevin Benavidez, followed by a wheel from Nacho cornejo, Skyler howes, Sam sunderland, who take advantage of the loss of land of Toby Price ending seventh back Sander e De Soultrait.

The most amazing thing is that alone 1 second separates Price from Cornejo, passed in the lead, in the general classification. In this way, there are still few minutes, only 17, in which the first 11 drivers settle down and only 2'30 "for the first 4.

Recall that today the pilots run in mode Marathon, or without any kind of assistance on arrival, so they had to compete also taking into account this "handicap", trying to preserve the motorcycle for tomorrow's stage. Tonight only rest awaits them, which doesn't hurt.

Continue with equal determination and constancy too Maurizio gerini, 30th at today's stage and always first in the Original by Motul category (Malle Moto). Behind him Cesare Zacchetti (51 °) and Franco Picco, literally in flames, who does not give up the gas and concludes 57 °: will he have a paresis on his wrist? We don't think so, it's all talent and just as much experience.

Dakar 2021 - Xavier De Soultrait - ASOEVargiolu DPPI
Dakar 2021 - Xavier De Soultrait - ASOEVargiolu DPPI

The comment of the pilots

Ricky brabec: “I'm not sure I can dominate for much longer. Toby is still behind me. We will try to stay focused and make it tomorrow to get to the pitch without mechanical problems. I don't know if this Dakar Rally be it more of strategy or pulse. It seems that everyone who pushes harder is ultimately wasting some time. There are five days left and we will just try to finish in the top 7 every day and see if we can make up for some time ”.

Xavier De Soultrait: “It's amazing, the second week started exactly like the first. I was hoping to quickly catch up with the leading group this morning and benefit from a mass error, but it didn't happen. We are still having fun. Today I raced alongside my former teammate and great friend Franco Caimi, we had a lot of fun ”.


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