Dakar Rally 2021 - 3th stage

Third stage of the Dakar rally 2021, with a loop route from Wadi Al Dawasir and back on sand and stones.

Dakar 2021 Wadi Ad Dawasir - Luciano Benavides - ASO / DPPI / F. Gooden
Dakar 2021 Wadi Ad Dawasir - Luciano Benavides - ASO / DPPI / F. Gooden

Third stage of the 2021 Dakar rally, loop from Wadi Al Dawasir and back. Day of tedious sand and stones for about 400km.

La Dakar Rally gets to the heart, and the riders begin to suffer from the fatigue and difficulties of the track. The wind that continues to blow over the region has in particular transformed the dunes scattered in the first part of the route into steep steps with soft sand that have taken numerous competitors hostage.

Today, the champions of past editions have also affirmed their talents, such as Toby Price coldly demonstrating his reputation for victory. Despite everything, he is one of the emerging talents in the category, the American Skyler howes, to date fourth, which is proving to be the most consistent, taking the lead of the general classification after completing the last Dakar in ninth position.

Excellent test of Maurizio gerini, which steadily advances to 32nd place, followed by Caesar Zacchetti (53 °) and by the veteran of the deserts, franc Peak, at 59th. Excellent proof of Lorenzo pegs, in his first Dakar, which follows closely in 61st place.


Oscar Polli's comment

Tunisia Free Racing Oscar Polli

The stage of the dunes, of the fine sand, the real Dakar has begun. The riders are starting to position themselves and understand what they are facing and what awaits them, while 2 out of 6 pairs of tires have already been burned. Rookies like Rui Congalves (9th) are showing up. Toby Price begins to watch the jab and starts the war between KTM and Honda. Now we move on to the 4th stage, with a long transfer of 476km and a special of 337km that will surely reserve some surprises. A stage to be taken with springs and lots of gasss!

Rich and complete stage today: sand, rocks, but smooth navigation and very fun for Lorenzo Piolini who is satisfied with his third day in the Dakar. Despite the increasingly important effort and commitment, Lorenzo is enthusiastic about the experience he is living: “Today super stage !!! All smooth, I did not do anything wrong, I drove a cannon! Huge dunes, sandstorm, one meter rock steps uphill in the mountains. I don't even know how I managed to overcome them! "

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