Dakar Rally 2021 - 10th stage

Incredible classification, constant changes and a super close-knit Honda Team with a very well organized team.

Dakar 2021 - Daniel Sanders - ASOAVincent DPPI
Dakar 2021 - Daniel Sanders - ASOAVincent DPPI

2021th stage of the Dakar 3 from Neom and back. Ricky Brabec wins on Honda while Sunderland on KTM gets under way to take XNUMXrd place.

A very demanding special tithe, especially for navigation. The ground was mixed sand and very dusty earth, but the expanse of tall and sculpted rocks is enchanting. The special in the direction of Alula wins it Ricky brabec, which he puts in his sights Kevin Benavidez, with only 51 seconds of gap.

Unfortunately Nacho cornejo, who started in the lead gaining a further advantage over his teammates, fell at km 252. He starts again apparently unscathed but on arrival he is forced to retire after a visit from the medical team: something not negligible he reported.

Very good too Bang Bang Barreda, howes, walkner e Sanders, while in the general classification it is getting closer Sam sunderland which takes 10 minutes from the leader. In a Dakar Rally so challenging and risky we all realize that anything can still happen and that 10 minutes is not that long.

Meanwhile, our compatriots show no signs of abating, especially for their age. Let's talk about Cesare Zacchetti, who finished the stage for Alula in 41st place and of Franco Picco that continues to compete with incredible consistency.


The comment of the pilots and Oscar Polli

Sam sunderland: “I've made some mistakes, but I'm just trying to do my best, like everyone else. The roadbook is super hard. First I was in front of the group and then, in a moment, I couldn't find the way: I just tried to follow the chapters that were in the roadbook, but I was off the track and I ended up going in circles before resuming the road ”.

Ricky brabec: “I'm sure Nacho had a lot of pressure, but not from the team. Driving in Dakar is not easy. He's young, he drove well all week and surprised everyone. He is the best navigator of this rally. We all want to win. Winning is the best thing in life ”.

Tunisia Free Racing Oscar Polli
Oscar Chickens

Oscar Chickens: “For Nacho Cornejo a day to forget, we wish him a speedy recovery. As we have seen for Toby Price the unexpected can come, surely Ricky Brabec smells the possibility of the second victory in the Dakar (and to think that they gave him finished immediately in the first stages). Sam Sunderland is back but ready to kick in the next two stages. Guys, it's a wonderful Dakar! "


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