Dakar Rally 2021 - 1th stage

The frenetic pace of the first real special of the Dakar weighed on the competitors more than its length.

Dakar 2021 Jeddah Bisha - Lorenzo Piolini
Dakar 2021 Jeddah Bisha - Lorenzo Piolini - Photo by Charly Lopez ASO

Sunday 3 January 2021, Jeddah: the Dakar 2021 has started, with 70 km of stones, therefore very technical, almost typical of an enduro stage.

The mish-mash of tracks in the first part of the course required laser-like focusing and got the best of riders like Ricky Brabec.

The Italians did well but not very well, with Maurizio Gerini in 37th position, followed by Picco (60), Zacchetti (62), Interno (63). Before reaching Bisha, the competitors who emerged unscathed from these first dangers took a breather in the first sandy stretch of the race, which was much easier and more forgiving towards their tires… and their nerves.

Oscar Polli's comment

Tunisia Free Racing Oscar Polli

It was visible from the maps that the first stage would be characterized by many stones, sand and the nearby mountain range, which rises up to 2000 meters above sea level. A very technical and hard test where Castera immediately wanted to make a selection, putting in difficulty those who were not prepared enough for a real “African” stage. Even navigation, with the new rules, has marked the pace of the race and created many problems: the management of the roadbook in particular, at the stop for fuel, has contributed to this "natural selection".


Lorenzo Piolini speaks of '' Impact with reality quite hard, I expected a little more sliding slopes, and instead this almost nauseating stone bed has destabilized us a bit at all, but even these surprises are part of this extreme race '' '. About 3% of stones had been declared, while in the opinion of many Italian riders the sections of rocks were much more present in percentage ratio within the stage.

Navigation without great difficulty, just a small mistake that made him lose 10 minutes. There motorcycle it performed well even if it needed a setting for the front suspension due to the hard ground which is expected to be present in other stages in the next few days. The only drawback, a penalty for speed, but that's okay as a whole he feels satisfied.

Photo by Charly Lopez ASO

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