Dakar 2021 - The Italian pilots

Franco Picco, the true legend of the Dakar 2021 and the recap on our other drivers.

Dakar 2021 - Franco Picco - Photo RallyZone
Dakar 2021 - Franco Picco - Photo RallyZone

The Dakar 2021 will be unforgettable for us Italians, not only for the heart-pounding final, but for Franco Picco's personal victory.

There were not a few of our compatriots at the start, but only 2 finished one of the Dakar Rally toughest and ruthless ever. We are talking about Cesare Zacchetti, 51, and Franco Picco, 65.

Oh yes, the young people weren't able to do better, but after all, in what is the craziest race on the world motorcycle scene, anything can happen.

Cesare Zacchetti

The 51-year-old Javanese finished as the best of the Italians. Looking at the general classification, he placed 38th and seventh in the class Original by Motul (Eg Trunk Motorcycle). A truly great result for Zacchetti, who was not at his first experience in 2015, the year of his first Dakar, he had abandoned, while last year he finished in 73rd place. An amateur driver who runs a shop in life clothing outdoors and in his free time he spends hours training off-road.

Franco Picco

He is definitely the protagonist e legend undisputed of this edition and of motorcycling. The 65-year-old from Vicenza has the experience of the Dakar from when he was still racing in Africa. His first participation dates back to 1985, the year he closed with a great third place, which was followed by a double second place in the years 1988-1989. And then the Rally dei Pharaoni, the Africa Eco Race… just to name a few. And also on this lap Franco has chopped all kinds of terrain, he has sailed as few know how to do, he has kept a constant average worthy of a fierce driver who does not aim only to arrive at the field in the evening.

The other Italians

Too bad then for Maurizio gerini, which ran very well to take the lead in the Original category ranking, only to fall badly just before the arrival of the eighth stage, reporting an internal effusion that forced him to withdraw and have surgery. The other Italians were also good, who gave up earlier, but had the courage to challenge the rugged rocks and sands of Saudi Arabia, such as Lorenzo Piolini, fell badly in the fifth stage e Tiziano Internò which allowed us to experience (online) firsthand this fantastic race thanks to his project.

Unfortunately, this Dakar also asked for his bitter sacrifice by taking the French driver away pierre cherpin, reminding us that this is not a race for everyone, but only for riders who are aware of how unpredictable Thierry Sabine's race is.

Oscar Polli's comment

Tunisia Free Racing Oscar Polli
Oscar Chickens

Oscar Chickens: “Wonderful unforgettable Dakar: Franco Picco becomes a legend at 65, finishing a really tough Dakar, certainly not as hard as the ones he participated in as a factory rider in the legendary years of Yamaha, but finishing it at this age is the stuff of heroes. Cesare Zacchetti, veteran enduro and gods rider rally-raid like the Pharaons Rally, in which he has participated several times, and of the South American Dakar, completes a beautiful race as a Dakarian expert. But let's not forget the participants in the Classic car category: Carcheri-Musi and Camporese-Fiori, a completely new category completed by 2 out of 2 crews.

Bad luck, preparation or coincidences… surely everyone who failed to complete it will try again: "the Dakar gets into your veins". Now let's get ready for the next one with a big applause to ASO and to our Italian organizer within the ASO, Edo Mossi, and to the Italian secretariat of the Dakar, Madame Elena, for having completed this difficult and wonderful event in this dark period of covid19 pandemic ″.


“Upon arrival on the beach of the PINK lake will be a other man one who he will throw his helmet in the air "(T. sabine)

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