From one end of the world to the other

From one end of the world to the other. For the 10th anniversary of the company comes the new enriched multimedia edition.

Cape to Cape Marco Polo Team book
"From one end of the world to the other" by Michele Orlando and Marco Denicolò, published by Mazzanti Libri

A “digital” journey from Cape Town to the North Cape for the new edition of “From one end of the world to the other” by Michele Orlando.

With the images of Marco Denicolò, ten years later, the story of the incredible journey from Cape Town a North Cape through a "metal book" that can be read, listened to and watched. The proceeds from the sale will be donated to In Moto con l'Africa project.

In 2010 a group of Paduan friends left Cape Town for a motorcycle trip to the north and reach, after more than 2 months, 19 countries and 24.000 km, their destination: the North Cape.

Michele Orlando, Marco Denicolò, Carlo Mascarin and Paolo Zancan are simply the Marco Polo Team, a name already known for exceptional trips. They are not new to this kind of enterprise: the partnership was born to complete the Silk Road from Venice to Beijing and was strengthened on the Trans-Siberian from Venice to Hiroshima. However, the journey from end to end still remains something special, unique; it is the ascent of the Black Continent.

Upon returning from that experience Michele Orlando writes the book “From one end of the world to the other”, accompanied by the images taken by Marco Denicolò during the trip. Today, 10 years after that unique adventure and the first publication of the story, a new special edition arrives. There are the new prefaces by the authors and by Don Dante Carraro, director of Medici Con l'Africa - CUAMM, but above all it is enriched with multimedia contents that make it a sophisticated publication.

Thanks to Mazzanti Libri and the Meta-Liber project we can now read, watch, feel and relive the journey from head to head even more intensely. Among the pages we find QR Codes that allow us to access audio content, photos and videos for an even more engaging experience. On the website it is possible to buy the ebook in this innovative format, listen to the story from the voice of the same author Michele Orlando, browse the photo gallery of Marco Denicolò and see the original video contributions. The documentary of the journey also made in 2010 by Nicola Andreetto was in fact re-edited for the occasion and it is now possible to enjoy the corresponding part for each chapter of the book.

A new edition, the same good cause

Marco Polo Team has always been synonymous with solidarity and this occasion is no exception. For each ebook purchased, 6 euros will be donated to the In project Motorcycle With Africa that this journey from head to head more than any other has helped to create. 6 euros may seem like a small thing, but it is not: it is enough to guarantee hospital transport in inaccessible areas of Africa thanks to the intervention of Doctors With Africa - CUAMM. In Moto Con l'Africa's goal is precisely to finance these transports, which mainly take place on motorcycles, which are actually difficult like Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Tanzania. More information and donations on

"From one end of the world to the other" by Michele Orlando and Marco Denicolò, published by Mazzanti Libri, cover price 15 euros. Direct link to the Mazzanti Libri shop