Enduro motorcycle courses - Easy off-road with Live Out!

A wonderful day in nature to learn off-road driving with Live Out's rental enduros and the experience of Pietro Tupputi.


A splendid course to learn off-road driving with Live Out's rental enduros and the experience of Pietro Tupputi.

Sunday 10 June, 10:30 am.

I arrive from Milan with my car, in the Ovada area, precisely a Lerma both at Cascina Burroni simply enchanting (I confess that I did a little thought about staying in the pool!). After downloading the off-road equipment (which can still be rented), I meet Peter Tupputi, Owner of Live out. The agency has been organizing courses in motorcycle, in off-road cars and above all of the wonderful trips around the world for lovers of two and four wheels.

Having said that, I have never set foot off-road, except by accident, and I am 170cm tall, which scares me a bit at the sight of the Beta 300 xtrainer and Live out offers rental (another great advantage, that is to arrive at the course or tour and find the bike ready and with a full tank). But let's get to the point: the course. First briefing on the position and on the off-road maneuvers, on the gearbox and above all on the brakes (I, like many, was very convinced of the skids and the rear brake locks I was wrong) and immediately we set off for the splendid roads that surround Lerma and cross the woods of this wonderful area.

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We immediately spend a couple of hours getting familiar with the bike, with the position, with braking, starts, climbs and descents (here are some thrills I felt), all under the watchful eyes of Pietro who immediately corrects everything at the first mistake. The walk is pleasant, at a slow pace to continue to get carried away with the bike and maneuvers: slowly the desire to "open" begins to rise and I detach myself a couple of times to do some small, more decisive stretch, but without exaggerating . It all seems very easy but I remember that I'm not on the asphalt. For lunch we arrive atFarmhouse Cascina Cirimilla, and after almost 3 hours of motion, hunger is well satisfied by the delicious dishes that are offered to us: from the cured meats of their production to the first and second courses of the local tradition.

We resume the journey to discover the dirt roads of the area, with wonderful views, which alternate with the exercises that Pietro makes us do to overcome obstacles, face the curves and the most common off-road situations. After about 2 hours we return to Cascina Burroni, tired but happy with a day that is certainly fun but above all full of knowledge and practice for the first approach to off-roading. Pietro's experience is absolutely consolidated (and it shows) and above all extremely precious for those who, like me, put their feet off-road for the first time and can't wait to go back!

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