Motorcycle offers with Corsica and Sardinia Ferries

30% discount for bookings made from 14 to 28 May and for travel until 31/12/2022, on passengers and vehicles.

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With Corsica Sardinia Ferries, up to 30% discount on passengers, cars and motorcycles, booking from 14 to 28 May 2022.

Whether you are traveling alone, in company or with the whole family, Corsica Sardinia Ferries pampers you, even in prices and motorbike rates start at 10 Euros!

For bookings made from 14 to 28 May and for travel until 31/12/2022, an immediate discount of up to 30% is applied to passengers and vehicles!

The promotion is valid for links with Corsica, Sardegna e Elba island.

“The discount of up to 30% is available on many day and night trips, on passengers, cars and motorcycle and allows you to plan your next summer holidays in advance and serenity, thanks to the FLEX option, which allows changes at will "

The offer is valid on fares for passengers and vehicles (cars and motorcycles), taxes and fees excluded. The promotion is valid on many trips, is not retroactive and is subject to specific conditions and the availability of seats. Tickets issued in this rate are flexible, therefore changeable at will and refundable up to 90%.

For reservations, information and conditions: