How to prepare for motorcycle trips: 5 tips for traveling safely

The main tips to start traveling by motorbike, from a simple day trip to a long trip to Europe.

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Have you just started riding a motorcycle and are you about to leave for your first long journey on two wheels? Discovering the landscapes by motorbike offers unique emotions, as well as having numerous advantages in terms of speed to avoid traffic.

But it is important to prepare properly and in time if you want to avoid unpleasant inconveniences. For all our readers interested in traveling with a motorcycle for the first time, we have collected a series of fundamental tips to follow to move safely and have fun.

Always stay connected

In addition to the undeniable advantages during navigation, a constant connection to the internet is an essential safety tool for any motorcyclist. This is why it is essential to avoid areas where the internet signal is not available.

If this is not possible, there are applications that keep track of our movements via GPS and that can be shared with other people (loved ones, family or friends) to get a rough idea of ​​the location of the motorcycle.

If you travel abroad, check the conditions applied for the roaming connection and consider using a free VPN service for connect from any location in a totally secure and anonymous way, even to public Wi-Fi networks that you will surely encounter along your path.

Travel light

In addition to making the journey less stressful (walking up and down stairs with heavy luggage is not the best in life), a lighter suitcase reduces the consumption of your motorcycle and makes it easier to ride.

Among the specific solutions for the motorcycle, saddle bags are among the most comfortable. Depending on the model of your two-wheeler, you can also evaluate tank bags that attach via practical magnets.

Try to make a precise list of the things you need and prioritize the essential items that you cannot do without and that cannot be purchased (or replaced) along the way. With the right planning, you can reduce the number of clothes you need, simply by looking for hotels with laundries or homes with washing machines to freshen up your wardrobe even on vacation.

Plan your route

Preparation is essential, we have already said this. This is why it is important to know in advance what path we will follow, so as to know in advance any particularities.

The total mileage, the maximum altitude, the weather conditions, the state of the asphalt ... these are just some of the details that could be useful to us. Consult biker forums or search for specific Facebook groups on the areas you intend to visit for updated and detailed information.

However, remember to always leave some room for chance because it is precisely this ingredient that adds fun and magic to our travels.

Always remember to drink and hydrate often

Sometimes when we travel by motorbike we forget how important it is to maintain constant hydration. If you want to forge ahead and not miss a moment of your precious vacation days to take breaks to drink, you could consider purchasing a camelback, that is a practical soft bottle to be inserted on the back, equipped with a practical drinking straw. even while driving.

Be prepared for changes in the weather

Unlike traveling by car, train or plane, the weather can have a devastating impact on those who travel by motorbike. In addition to getting a rough idea of ​​the climate that you can expect from the area you intend to visit (temperatures, winds, rainfall), it is worth staying constantly updated on the weather forecast, so that you can plan your trips in good weather. In any case, water-resistant or waterproof emergency protections can never be missing!