Colle della Maddalena and the Stura Valley by motorbike

The Colle della Maddalena, after a military past, has turned into a tourist destination of great charm.

Colle della Maddalena motorbike itinerary stura valley pass
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Colle della Maddalena is located on the border between Italy and France. Motorbike itinerary from the Stura di Demonte Valley to the Ubaye Valley.

If Hannibal had passed through here instead of from Colle delle Traversette, he would have arrived earlier and with less effort. It is a rather flat alpine pass with wide curves, therefore a real pleasure for driving.

Altitude (meters above sea level) 1.990
Length 43 Km
connection Pietraporzio - Saint Paul sur Ubaye
Number of hairpin bends 25
Winter closure October> May
Road conditions and notes Fair - At times bumpy

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The Colle della Maddalena

The Italian side is certainly much nicer to drive than the French one which has only 5 hairpin bends and a few other curves. For this reason, the climb from Pietraporzio is certainly much more fun.

Before reaching the pass you will find the little one Lake of the Maddalena, with a refuge where you can stop and enjoy the view. In this area, the scene of fierce battles, it is also possible to see the remains of fortifications such as the Fort de Tournopux. Some of these roads can be reached with motorcycle enduro, but beware of the prohibitions.

What to see

La Stura Valley of Demonte it offers many glimpses to photograph and many small ones villages to visit. There are also many activities such as a Pontebernardo, where you can visit theEcomuseum of Pastoralism, whose tour ends in a dairy. Or to argentera you can visit the Smuggler's House, where many objects are exhibited that tell the stories of smuggling over the times. The Strong of vinadio it is one of the most beautiful and impressive defensive structures in the region and can be visited on weekends and every day in August.

Col de la Bonette motorbike itinerary step by step
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Other itineraries

Around the Colle della Maddalena there are many others passivated as spectacular as the Col de Vars, Lombard hill, Col de Turini, Col de la Bonette and Restefond of the bonette. Do your math well and get organized. Here, for example, you can find directions to do 11 steps in 48 hours.

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