Col de la Bonette and Col de Restefond

The Col de la Bonette and the Col de Restefond are the two passes that you can cross with a single itinerary by motorbike.

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The Col de la Bonette is the other highest Alpine Pass together with the Col de L'Iseran, spectacular to do by motorbike together with the Col de Restefond.

The Col de la Bonette would theoretically be the highest pass, but only because it offers tourists a secondary road that leads to over 2.800 meters. But if we stay on the official and asphalted road, the Col de l'Iseran is the record holder.

Altitude (meters above sea level) 2.715 2.678
Length 47 Km
connection Val D'Isère - Lanslevillard
Number of hairpin bends 18
What to see in the surroundings
Typical dishes of the area
Winter closure -
Road conditions and notes Very good condition.

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Two steps in one

The road, in excellent condition, starts from Islandin France, to quickly climb to the peaks. Before arriving at the Col de la Bonette, you can visit the remains of an abandoned military camp, the Camp de Fourches. He was one of the principals of Napoleon III, who declared this road Imperial Route, connecting Barcelonette to Nice. Soldiers at these altitudes had literally nightmarish winters.

Once at the top of the pass, you can reach the summit Peak of the Bonette, at 2.850 meters on foot, leaving the motorcycle to the parking lot, or along the road that reaches the top. The view over the Mercantour National Park it's unique.

Col de la Bonette motorcycle route pass road bike route
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Immediately the Col de la Bonette, you will find the Col de Restefond, another pass over 2.600 meters. From here begins the descent towards Jausiers in a scenario that from being typical of the high mountains, gradually becomes greener and more alpine.

Even the descent can be challenging due to curves, hairpin bends and slopes, so always pay attention, even to the heaviest traffic in summer.

Useful tips and curiosities

The opening of these passivated it is often subject to weather conditions, which change rapidly in the high mountains. We recommend that you always consult local traffic information before setting off.

Il Mercantour National Park it hosts over 2.000 botanical species and a rich fauna. It is not difficult to see ibex and mouflons.

100 steps by motorbike - Col de la Bonette
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