Clover presents the new Laminator-2 WP

Clover Laminator-2 WP: The new all-season Clover jacket evolves and becomes the ultimate motorcycle travel outfit.

CLOVER LAMINATOR-2 WP full waterproof motorcycle travel jacket

Clover's excellence in the production of jackets and technical motorcycle clothing is confirmed with the evolution of the Laminator WP travel suit, which has already met with enormous success.

We have already presented the Laminator 2 WP at EICMA 2022 in the company of Riccardo Marchetto, Marketing Director of Clover, but now let's go into the details of all the features that make it practically the definitive outfit.

Content index

  1. Membranes and lamination
  2. Thermal interior
  3. Ventilation
  4. Protections and pockets

The new version improves the technical and construction aspects making it one two-layer laminated jacket even more versatile in its use.

Membranes and lamination

But what does laminate mean? Very simple, the outer fabric is coupled to the waterproof layer, thus making the jacket and pants resistenti all'acqua without the need to wear a rain suit. In the case of Clover, obviously neither is given up breathability nor toventilation on the hottest days, let's see how.

CLOVER LAMINATOR-2 WP full waterproof motorcycle travel jacket

Re-designed with an attractive line and a modern design, the Laminator 2 WP consists of an outer layer made of Duratek 8, the company's own development material, which guarantees the complete impermeability of the jacket.

Thermal interior

The inner layer, on the other hand, is composed of a synthetic duvet which maintains body heat when temperatures drop or meters of altitude rise dramatically. The inner duvet is removable and becomes an elegant and comfortable garment individually wearable.


Crucial to this laminated touring jacket is the ventilation which allows it to be used even in the hottest season by all motorcycle tourists looking for a versatile and reliable garment. In the new Laminator 2 WP, the two ventilation inlets on the front of the jacket hide a 3D mesh surface that extends from the chest to shoulder height: this mesh allows air to enter and distribute itself evenly over the entire surface. , giving the wearer a pleasant air recirculation effect.

CLOVER LAMINATOR-2 WP full waterproof motorcycle travel jacket

The air circulation system is further improved also thanks to a large panel of rear ventilation (completely waterproof), which increases travel comfort on hot days.

In addition, the ventilation systems have been designed to prevent water from entering through a zip double ducting system, of any infiltrations, designed to keep the rider dry at all times.

Protections and pockets

The Laminator 2 WP jacket is a CE certified personal protective equipment and on shoulders and elbows there are level 2 CE protections; the protections are firmly tied to the motorcyclist's body thanks to an adjustment system that allows perfect adhesion of the jacket to the body. It is in fact possible to adjust the volume of the arm, forearm, waist, wrist and bottom of the jacket by means of flaps and tie rods and it is possible to connect the coordinated Laminator 2 trousers by means of a connection zip.

This new version is confirmed as the most suitable for those on long journeys thanks also to the numerous pockets that truly manage to satisfy all the needs of the motorcycle traveler: a total of 8 pockets in the outer jacket (2 of which are waterproof) and 2 in the inner down jacket.

The Laminator 2 is available for men from size S to 4XL, and for women from size XS to XXL. The jacket can be combined with trousers of the same model with the possibility of connection via zip.

The available colors are: Black-gray, Black-Anthracite-Yellow and Black-Black. The retail price is € 449,99 including VAT.