Clover Netstyle the solution against the heat in motion

CLOVER NETSTYLE - The motorcycle jacket that adapts to all summer temperatures to travel well and cool even when it's very hot.

Netstyle clover hot summer motorcycle jacket
Netstyle by Clover - The motorcycle jacket for the summer heat

An ultra-ventilated motorcycle jacket to wear in all warm seasons both in the city and on the road.

To make it so adaptable is the "in & out" function of its internal windproof part, which allows you to wear the garment in four different configurations. NETSTYLE is available in two colors and is also available in the Lady version.

To wear clothing technical when it's hot? It is often a real sacrifice. Necessary but certainly not accepted with enthusiasm. Who the motorcycle or the scooter using them habitually, you will find in this jacket "a breath of fresh air" and unexpected comfort - for a summer proposal - when you get on the saddle in the evening or in any case with temperatures that drop below average (for example, walking along a mountain pass or encountering an unexpected bad weather).

To the multiple possibilities of use offered by the garment NETSTYLE the fully ventilated surface and the possibility of playing with the internal windproof jacket combine, which depending on the situation can give rise to four different ways of use:

  1. Under the jacket it limits the entry of cold air
  2. Above the jacket the thermal capacity of the latter increases by exploiting the high thickness of the 3D mesh structure, which once covered accumulates the hot air produced by the body in its cells, operating as a real insulation: a particularly welcome plus in the early morning or evening returns
  3. Used independently it becomes a light solution when you arrive at your destination or during a walk
  4. And the fourth configuration? Well, the NETSTYLE worn without the windbreaker (which still finds space in the pocket that Clover has made in the back of the jacket), to make the most of the mesh ventilation, perfect when the heat gets intense.
Netstyle clover hot summer motorcycle jacket
Netstyle by Clover - The 4 configurations

A few words should be spent on the NETSTYLE structure,

The attention to detail found in all Clover garments is particularly claimed here by the technical quality of the fabrics used, such as DURATEK-4 RipStops (in the parts most exposed to abrasion in the event of a fall) and the aforementioned 3D network incomparably soft to wear.

 The jacket comes standard with Level 1 CE protections on shoulders and elbows and the predisposition for a back protector (the brand has different solutions to offer in the range).

Four front pockets (in addition to the back pocket) and adjustments to the volumes of the forearm, wrist and bottom of the jacket complete the equipment.

The classic Black Clover combines a Black / Gray color that highlights the ventilated areas.

The NETSTYLE “Lady” version shares colors and technical characteristics with the “Man”; change the range of sizes and the line, redesigned to highlight the female figure.

For more information CLOVER.IT Public price € 169,90


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