Calabria by motorbike: the Raganello Gorges

Motorbike itinerary in Calabria: Civita and the Raganello Gorges, two incredible places to visit a few steps from the Ionian Sea.


Discovering Calabria by motorbike is a real emotion: our itinerary will take you to discover the incredible Raganello Gorges.

Civita, in Calabria, is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, and from here we visited the Gole del Raganello, a natural canyon of immense beauty, immersed in the Pollino National Park.

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Civita, the talking houses

In the heart of the Pollino Park, nestled between the rocks, Civita is a small wonder that handed down the ancient traditions of the Arbëresh people. Civita is one of the best preserved settlements in the Calabria, consisting of a melting pot of alleys and open spaces overlooked by the famous "talking houses" and the numerous chimneys, different for each house. The chimney pot was like the signature for a new house, of which it became the symbol, with the function not only of sucking the smoke from the chimneys, but also of keeping evil spirits away. The so-called "houses of Kodra" or "talking", in homage to the Albanian naturalized Italian painter Ibrahim Kodra, are revealed with windows, chimney and chimney, which is why the facade clearly recalls the human face. In the historic center, in addition to the chapel of Sant'Antonio and the sixteenth-century chapel of Santa Maria della Consolazione, it is worth visiting the church of Santa Maria Assunta, built in Baroque style in the second half of the sixteenth century. Photo Civita casa Kodra di Asmara87 - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Gorges of Raganello

RAGANELLO GORGES CALABRIA CIVITAThe Raganello Gorges constitute a canyon about 17 km long, which branches off from the Source of the Lamia, until you reach an area adjacent to the town of Civita, where the characteristic stands Devil's Bridge. Here the course of the Raganello stream becomes more regular and flows along a more open valley, which remains so up to the mouth. The Raganello canyon is distinguished by experts in two parts: the high gorges and the low gorges. Undoubtedly worth a visit but above all a dip in the blue accompanied by the canyoning guides that you will find on site, booking is recommended in high season. Foto Gole del Raganello Di Alby3 - Own work, Public domain

Map and information

From Civita and the Gorges we then suggest to go up for a few kilometers, along the mountain route, as indicated in the map, to enjoy a wonderful view of the canyon and the valley below.

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VIACover photo view Raganello Gorges By DonGatley - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0