Cinghiostreffen 2020

The fourth edition of Cinghiostreffen, the meeting reserved for bikers immune to winter frost, took place in the splendid setting of the upper Formazza valley.

Cinghiostreffen, the winter meeting held from Saturday 11 to Sunday 12 January reserved for bikers who are not afraid to face the freezing mountain temperatures.

The icy game-flavored event has reached its fourth edition. In the splendid setting of the upper Val Formazza, the gathering takes shape in the field adjacent to the ski slopes, at the entrance to the village of Formazza, close to bars and basic services, but far enough from the houses (which here in the evening revelry). An air-conditioned tent is equipped for the occasion in which it is possible to taste typical dishes such as polenta and wild boar and in the evening dance in the company of a DJ.

The thing that struck us most is the heterogeneity of the participants: from young people in their twenties who come from Veneto aboard Guzzi who are twice their age, to groups of middle-aged people, with motorcycle of the latest generation who have driven for a few kilometers, to the individual who finds peace in setting up his tent in front of a fire up to the "sympathizers" who prefer the hustle and bustle of a few hours.

But what pushes people to leave the heat and comfort to literally spend two days in the snow? There are those who are guided by the spirit of adventure, because they are attracted more by the journey than by the context, those who choose to immerse themselves in a reality that has much of the tribal, a return to the origins, to the essential: in fact, when you pitch a tent over a snow field and see that next to you there are people who have done the same, you witness the birth of a bond, of something that still unites more than just a passion for motorcycles.

Joviality, good food, good wine and new friends. The event could be summarized in this way, whose staff also organized two "races": the uphill race with the "Motocinghios" (motorcycles prepared with spiked tires) or with their own, for those who were well tessellated, and the test of snowmobile with adrenaline ride but as passengers.

Do not forget to visit the Toce waterfalls, a summer destination for motorcyclists from all over: the state road 659 takes you to the valley with its sinuous curves and makes you fully enjoy the pleasure of traveling by motorbike even in this icy but beautiful Piedmontese winter.

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