Saddle Chianzutan in motion

Passo di Sella Chianzutan: motorcycle itinerary in Friuli to discover wonderful landscapes and have fun on the fast curves between Tolmezzo (UD) and Pielungo (PN)

Chianzutan Friuli saddle on motorbike
Towards Sella Chianzutan - Val D'arzino - Ph. F. Tamai

Friuli by motorbike means driving between sea, mountains, lakes and immersed rivers, through passes and forks such as the Sella Chianzutan.

Parallel to the Forcella del Rest, another unmissable pass in western Friuli, the Sella Chianzutan pass is not very high, not exceeding 1000 meters of altitude, but it is among the most popular in the region. both for the huts and the views, and for its fast track, with wide curves and quick changes of direction, perfect for many lovers of sporty driving.

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Where it is

La Sella is located in the municipality of Verzegnis in the province of Udine; from Tolmezzo you cross the Tagliamento River and turn towards Verzegnis and its lake and taking the SP1 from Chiaicis you will come across a tricolor strip, half covered with obvious skids, which crosses the road in its width: it is not necessary to say which is the starting point for this step. The winding road climbs with a regular and not too high slope with wide curves and some second hairpin bends, up to some quick changes of direction to be made in a tight sequence. The road during the week is not very busy and therefore well usable, always using your head and remembering that it is a road open to the public also loved by cyclists and also frequented by agricultural vehicles. On the top there was the Bar Da Gioia, a historic meeting point for all motorcyclists for a sandwich and a beer which, however, following the lockdown, remained closed and the concession has not yet been reallocated. Continuing downhill towards Pozzis which closes this wonderful pass with a series of 5 hairpin bends from second gear and then continues along the wonderful Val D'Arzino.


Chianzutan Friuli saddle on motorbike
Towards Sella Chianzutan - Bridge over Lake Verzegnis - Ph. F.Tamai

The Sella Chianzutan connects the Tagliamento Valley near Tolmezzo in the province of Udine with the Val D'Arzino which reaches Vito D'Asio in the province of Pordenone. Leaving aside the beautiful Carnic Alps behind Tolmezzo, it is certainly worth taking a tour around Lake Verzegnis up to the ghost village (or almost) of Dueibis, already depopulated after World War II and again after the tragic earthquake of '76. . Once past Pozzis, however, you can enter the Val D'Arzino, a tube of a magical emerald green, between vegetation and water with marvelous panoramic views in a deep valley carved by the stream, in many points frequented by swimmers, and arrive in Pielungo, birthplace of Count Ceconi, who was a skilled engineer much appreciated by the Austrio-Hungarian Empire.

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