What is the Freshline Moto Adventure Club?

The motorcycle club reserved for a few selected adventurers from all over the world: this is what it is and how to join the Freshline Moto Adventure Club.

Explaining what the Freshline Moto Adventure Club is isn't easy, I haven't set foot there yet but it has already hypnotized me and made me want to leave.

We interviewed Erik, one of the founders, who often appears on video. To the many questions asked he told us everything, like a travel diary that never ends. Now let's try to explain it to you.

We are not talking about a traveler's club, nor a simple enduro club, but a real family that was born from the passion for adventure of two young explorers. Today, the more than 180 members and more than 3.000 users on the waiting list, organize and plan very badass adventures around the world, many of which are already booked throughout 2023.

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  1. The history of the Freshline Moto Club
  2. The spirit of brotherhood
  3. Boot camp in Namibia
  4. Become a member and prices
  5. Personal skills and enrollment


A few years ago, Erik and Jordan found themselves exploring the most remote Guatemala, without particular preparation, really very adventurous, going into the jungle until they come into contact with people who hadn't seen a "gringo" for 30 years. From here the adventures evolved with the help of motorcycle, easier to manage on any terrain and the group has grown with a simple word of mouth on social media.

The desire to discover, to explore the most unreachable places, to know one's limits, to experience life... this and much more is today the Freshline Moto Adventure Club. So from Guatemala, the expeditions then went around the world, precisely in search of new and unknown places to explore by motorbike, rented on the spot and with small selected groups, precisely to avoid problems and messes during the trip, which can easily happen in situations of stress and difficulty.

Freshline Adventure Moto Club tour information motorcycle adventure travel
Freshline Moto Adventure Club

The family

It is here that this feeling of brotherhood is born. In difficulties we help and receive help, we confide in each other and bonds are welded forever. The saying “if I had to explain it to you, you wouldn't understand” is true. And hence the decision to admit only male participants, not for a discriminatory issue, but because a female element, by its nature, could create imbalances and situations that would jeopardize travel, safety and the bond between the "cavemen" ”. Maybe a little primitive as a thought, but we share it.

At this point the requests to participate increase more and more and hence the need for a natural selection arises, precisely because with the club you don't pay for a simple trip but you join a family that remains active forever. Before and after the adventure we talk online, 2 times a month, for a simple greeting, for Christmas greetings, to have a beer remembering the best moments or to plan the next expedition.


Not a simple and enchanting state in South Africa, but the place chosen by the founders of Freshline for natural selection. Just under 10 days to test the driving skills, mind and body of those who want to venture with them. The boot camp is managed and supervised by a former navy seal who puts the participants to the test every day during the journey to discover the most fascinating places in the country.

Freshline Adventure Moto Club tour information motorcycle adventure travel
Freshline Moto Adventure Club


Thus, while the club has about 180 members, requests for participation and waiting lists exceed 3.000 users, ready to get involved in the most adventurous journeys around the planet. So what at the beginning was supposed to be a group of friends with the desire to ride motorbikes all over the world, today is a real and very exclusive tour operator of two-wheeled adventures.


Thus, in the price of the adventure, everything is included, from the rental to the costs of food and accommodation, from the guide to the support pick-up, from the charity to the technical equipment, all you have left is the flight and the beer at the end of the day ( if you can find it!).

Freshline Adventure Moto Club tour information motorcycle adventure travel
Freshline Moto Adventure Club


Selection of people also for personal skills: it may be convenient to have a rescuer, a photographer, a navigation expert or someone who speaks the local language in the team, for example. And if you don't have these qualities, well, you always have to pass the selections in Namibia.


To this, either you've already decided it's not for you and you're about to click on the easiest desert tour in Tunisia, or you're already writing to Erik to get all the information you need to set off on the adventure of a lifetime. Good road!

For info visit the website of Freshline Moto Adventure Club.

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