Mobile phone driving and highway code: new shame

The long-awaited reform of the highway code, with many devices designed with a view to safety, was sent back to the sender, the transport commission, after a few minutes.

After years of work, big news for the Highway Code were coming, including fines up to 1.697 euro for those who use a smartphone behind the wheel, but ...

Milan 27/09/2020 - While many newspapers mention the reform without going into detail, we unfortunately learn from the ASAP - the portal of the safety road - that “the unified text of the twenty draft reform laws of Highway Code it had been deposited by the Transport Commission of the Chamber for examination in the Assembly on Wednesday 23 September. And right in the Montecitorio courtroom what has been decided? The return to the Transport Commission, where it had come from. The rapporteur to the bill announced that "following the discussions that were held this morning in the Transport Commission between the various groups and also to take into account the regulatory changes that occurred between when the measure arrived in the Chamber and today, I propose the return to commission of the provision ". Provision for the return to the fifth floor, approved in a few minutes.

So, while the government plays at not working, we helplessly watch a little theater that does nothing but burden the safety of us motorcyclists, children, all citizens.

Among the many innovations contained within the awaited reform of the Highway Code, the new law should finally provide harsher penalties for those who drive with one hand on the steering wheel (or handlebar) and the other on the screen of their phone, tablet or personal computer. According to the provisions, the first violation is subject to a hefty fine ranging from a minimum of 422 to a maximum of 1697 euros. In addition to the fine, the suspension driving license from a minimum of one to a maximum of eight weeks and a reduction of five points on the license. For those who are repeat offenders, the fines are exacerbated: from 644 to 2588 euros, suspension of the driving license from four to twelve weeks and a reduction of ten points.

We then join the voice of Giordano Biserni, President Asaps, in asking aloud that no more time be wasted, that everything possible be done to "fix" what is wrong with the bill with the utmost attention, because unfortunately we live in a country that understands the seriousness of the facts only when the penalties are really severe and when you put your hand to your wallet.

Meanwhile, we motorcyclists, our children, our families, all of us in general, can not help but continue to be more and more careful while this shameful irresponsible game of cell phone use continues on the street and unfortunately also in parliament apparently. ...


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