Caberg Levo helmet - The deluxe flip up helmet with a world view

Here is our review of the Caberg Levo, after many mileage on motorcycles in all conditions.

A long journey for a long test of the Caberg Levo, the top-of-the-range flip-up helmet with a panoramic visor overlooking your emotions.

Yes, traveling by motorbike is like living the space in which you have fun aboard our beloved two wheels, and with the Levo we have grinded many kilometers with the safety of a full-face helmet and the visibility of a luxury jet.

We have tested the Levo flip-up helmet, the top-of-the-range flip-up in glass fiber of the Bergamo-based company, where one of the last production steps is to affix the Made in Italy tricolor and decal, on this model and on theopening Horus.

Content index

  1. Aesthetics and design
  2. Visibility
  3. Ventilation and comfort
  4. Ahead
  5. On the road
  6. Safety
  7. Accessories
Caberg Levo Test Review flip up modular motorcycle travel helmet
Caberg Levo - Test and Review

Aesthetics and design

The charm of modern opening doors is primarily linked to the aerodynamic and elegant design which, as in the case of the Levo, all look beautiful until you lift the chin guard helmets integral. The Levo obviously stands out from the crowd for the panoramic visor that fits perfectly with the modern lines that develop from the chin guard to the spoiler and rear extractors. The color we have chosen, matte black and fluo yellow, is perfect for being seen from a distance or in low light conditions without getting too out of tune.


When it comes to visibility, Caberg spares no expense. Thus the Levo (and the Horus) are born from the minds of the designers with an unparalleled field of vision and without sacrificing safety (well 4 Sharp stars). The panoramic visor, made of precious scratch-resistant materials that do not generate any distortion, will make you forget that you are wearing an openable (when closed it means). In case of fogging, you can mount the visor Pinlock included.

Caberg Levo Test Review flip up modular motorcycle travel helmet
Caberg Levo - The panoramic visor

With an impressive 82 ° of vertical visibility, you can drive while concentrating on the road and control instruments and other devices just by moving your eyes. In person we have been able to see that avoiding the movements of the head to look at something, earns precious fractions of a second for the benefit of safety. Even from the side, even when closed, the Levo allows you to see everything that happens around you perfectly.

Ventilation and comfort

The large upper intake, which protrudes very little from the shell, adjusts to three positions and allows an excellent internal air flow, which spreads throughout the shell, lowering the heat especially on the hottest days, also thanks to the rear extractors which can be closed on cooler days. It goes without saying that when open, the helmet is very fresh.

Caberg Levo Test Review flip up modular motorcycle travel helmet
Caberg Levo - The helmet in the open “J” position

Under the chin, the air intake located near the visor generates a fresh recirculation between nose and mouth, very pleasant for those who do not like closed helmets, and at the same time helps to defrost the visor from any fogging (tested with a nice morning start at 8 degrees without mounting the lens Pinlock.


The two shell sizes, the weight low enough to be openable, and the interiors in precious material, give a very pleasant feeling of comfort when wearing it. The breathable and washable interiors are a pleasure for the skin and do not generate particular heat on the hottest days. The padding and design seal from the air and also insulate well from an acoustic point of view.

Caberg Levo Test Review flip up modular motorcycle travel helmet
Caberg Levo

When you close it, it exerts a fair amount of pressure on the cheeks, especially when new, but already after 3 days of travel we noticed how slowly it has adapted to our conformation, without ever being annoying. The assembly of a system bluetooth it is very fast thanks to the very precise preparation, as well as wearing sunglasses or eyeglasses, for which the interiors are precisely designed.

On the road

Our journey in the direction Tuscan-Emilian Apennines e Chianti obviously started from the city where we immediately appreciated the field of view when open, the protection of the sun visor and above all the very low resistance to air of the chin guard in the raised position. The safety lever that locks the chin guard in the open position, for "J" approval, is found immediately and is activated quickly even with gloves.

Caberg Levo Test Review flip up modular motorcycle travel helmet
Caberg Levo

With the increase in speed up to 100 km / h we traveled without problems and without particular pressure on the raised chin guard, easily finding a neutral point without assuming strange positions. Beyond this speed we always recommend closing the helmet also because often fairings and windscreens of various types and models generate annoying turbulence that can annoy the rider.

When closed we appreciated the air penetration even at high speeds and the acoustic comfort, significantly above the average of flip-up helmets. The ventilation is obviously excellent in all conditions. As with the Caberg Horus, the visor has a safety release that requires a little extra effort but at the same time seals you well in heavy rain and cold.


The helmet, in glass fiber e double shell, was first and foremost awarded with 4 Sharp stars, the British body that carries out strict safety tests. It also enjoys the double homologation, therefore both open and closed it respects the regulations in force and, having visited the laboratories caberg, we have experienced first-hand construction and materials standards, which always go far beyond the legal requirements.

Caberg Levo Test Review flip up modular motorcycle travel helmet
Caberg Levo

Remember that when you lift the chin guard, you have to make a little more effort until you hear a "click". This step is wanted by the house, because it allows us to keep the helmet open even without having inserted the mechanical lock, avoiding accidental lowering in gear. However, remember to insert the latter on "position J”To enjoy the homologation as an open helmet.


The helmet includes a visor Pinlock present in the box. In addition, a small gem but much appreciated, if you pay close attention to the micrometric closure of the helmet, you will find ametal buttonhole empty: used to tie the helmet to the motorcycle with a padlock or a steel cable.

Aside you can buy the Bluetooth system Caberg Just Speak Evo, otherwise you can insert the one you already have, as the predisposition is universal. For more information, find the Levo data sheet on Caberg site.