Caberg Pro Speak Evo – Bluetooth and Intercom

Two companies of excellence in the Italian territory, united by a continuous search for motorcycle safety and technology since the 70s.

Speak Pro Evo caberg midland bluetooth intercom
SpeakPro Evo

Caberg, leader in the production of motorcycle helmets for touring and urban use, and Midland, world leader in communication devices, join forces for an all-Italian project.

ProSeak Evo is the new intercom born from the collaboration between the two motorcycle accessories houses, invisible and completely integrated into the helmet.

It is in fact compatible with all helmets brand caberg, in particular it was created for the models: Levo X, Horus X, Duke Evo, Duke X, Tourmax X, Drift Evo, Avalon X, Riviera V4 X, Flyon II.

Pro Seak Evo, approved and compliant with the new ECE 22.06 standard, is the all-in-one system for pilot-passenger conversations up to 200m. All in Full Duplex mode, with digital quality and DSP system for noise suppression. You can also talk to an intercom of any brand thanks to the "Universal Intercom" function.

It offers the possibility to connect the smartphone to make and receive phone calls or the GPS or the multimedia display. Compatible with the integrated connectivity and control systems of the major motorcycle manufacturers (BMW, KTM, Ducati, etc.).

It is a very simple and intuitive product thanks to the 2 multifunction buttons and above all simple to install.

The autonomy of 8 hours of conversation allows daily use without the need for recharging (recharge time 2h with USB Type C cable included).

Thanks to the programming software (available on the Caberg site) you can also always upgrade Pro Seak Evo from PC.

This novelty constitutes a great step forward in the innovation of vehicle-specific communication for the sector motorcycle and packs a communication system for motorcyclists in total safety while riding.


Midland Europe has been a leader in vehicular communication since 1959. It has brought the CB into the passenger compartment of millions of trucks, campers and 4×4 cars and in 2008 it presented its first range of Intercoms for motorcyclists. Over the years, the brand has constantly improved performance, and added innovations to its models capable of making the experience of talking to other motorcyclists and managing sources in the background while on the road more comfortable, durable and easier. Since 2016, Midland has added a new challenge to this trend: bringing the quality of speech and audio in general to the highest quality levels.

The story of caberg is a story of challenges and passion for innovation and safety in the construction of motorcycle helmets. A constant look to the future, the desire to make design and innovative technology have allowed numerous successful models with new solutions established among motorcyclists from all over the world. Caberg was the first Italian company, and second worldwide, to introduce the flip-up helmet on the market, strongly believing in the growth potential of the Touring market. Over the years, Caberg's strong point has been to conceive intelligent helmets, combining aesthetics and functionality. The headquarters is located in a modern industrial structure where the commercial and administrative offices, the production departments and the Certified laboratory are concentrated, which guarantees the satisfaction of the conformity tests required by the various regulations to offer customized products for maximum safety and a high rider comfort.