Caberg presents Drift Evo Carbon Sonic

Caberg Drift Evo Carbon Sonic, the new road racing full-face helmet for sporty and more demanding riders. Features and prices.

Caberg Drift Evo Carbon Sonic - full face helmet test test review
Caberg Drift Evo Carbon Sonic - Anthracite and Red

Caberg presents the new full-face helmet for road and track riders: the evolution of the Drift Evo Carbon Pro is enriched with many new features.

The new full-face helmet Drift Evo Carbon Sonic, is the result of the constant development work carried out by the Bergamo-based manufacturer in collaboration with its technicians and pilots who have chosen to rely on safety and high technology Caberg brand helmets to take part in major national and international speed championships.

The result is the new and futuristic helmet Drift Ages Carbon Sonic with which the Bergamo-based company has succeeded in creating a top-of-the-range model capable of increasing the already high quality standards compared to the previous performing version, thus satisfying both the needs of professional riders and those of passionate motorcyclists with the sporty nature.

Features of the Drift Evo Carbon Sonic

  1. The shell and the interior
  2. Visor and mechanisms
  3. Ventilation
  4. Colors and prices
Caberg Drift Evo Carbon Sonic - full face helmet test test review
Caberg Drift Evo Carbon Sonic - Anthracite and Red

Shell and interior

Drift Evo Carbon Sonic is able to offer a perfect balance between comfort and bulk thanks to the two sizes of the fiberglass shell ranging from a smaller version for sizes XS to M and a larger version for sizes L to XXL, which guarantee a more enveloping and precise fit than previous versions thanks to a new generation internal pillow and the possibility, only on request, to replace the interiors with those of a larger or smaller size, thus allowing a truly tailor-made fit.

Caberg Drift Evo Carbon Sonic - full face helmet test test review
Caberg Drift Evo Carbon Sonic - Anthracite and Red

Drift Evo Carbon Sonic is a perfect combination of design and technology in which every detail is designed to ensure maximum comfort and performance. An example of this is the transparent spoiler positioned in the rear part and of the helmet, designed to improve aerodynamics at high speeds, reduce turbulence and noise and able to give the helmet a high degree of fluidity and stability.

Visor and mechanisms

Drift Evo Carbon Sonic is designed to guarantee the best driving experience thanks to the ease of management of its components. The quick release mechanism the visor is equipped with automatically adjusts its position for a perfect fit with the window border.

There are two technological solutions that make the Carbon Sonic visor a perfect ally to avoid visibility problems or discomfort while driving. The double spring movement of the visor mechanism, which automatically avoids the infiltration of water or air between the visor and the rim and the locking lever that allows you to lock the visor at a distance of about 0.5cm from the rim to avoid or eliminate condensation that it is effectively absorbed by the wind during circulation.

Caberg Drift Evo Carbon Sonic - full face helmet test test review
Caberg Drift Evo Carbon Sonic - Anthracite and White

This detail gives the helmet optimal management of the air flows on the face, directing them so as not to bother even at the highest speeds. The locking lever also excludes the possibility that the visor opens while driving or during a fall.

The new Drift Evo Carbon Sonic Caberg is equipped as standard with the anti-scratch visor with Pinlock Max Vision lens, to avoid fogging and guarantee a wider driving vision and with the DVT - Double Visor Tech sun visor, easily maneuverable and designed for will allow you to always drive in the best light conditions.


The specialist's attention to detail helmets Caberg, does not neglect internal ventilation, a fundamental aspect to ensure maximum driving comfort at all temperatures. In fact, the new Drift Evo Carbon Sonic has a series of upper air intakes which, thanks to a system of ducts in the polystyrene shell, guarantee the motorcyclist excellent ventilation, further improved by the presence of a rear extractor that allows the outflow. hot and stale air.

Colors and prices

Drift Evo Carbon Sonic is available in two color variants, Anthracite and white or Anthracite and red with glossy finishes and carbon shell for both models.

The entire range of full-face Drift Evo helmets will also be available in the catalog for the 2022 collection in glossy white and matt black single-color versions, the Carbon Pro model with full carbon shell and glossy finish, the Storm and MR55 versions with captivating graphics and character decisive and the Integra model proposed in two colors: matt black-anthracite-fluo red and matt black-anthracite-white.

The Drift Evo Carbon Sonic helmet can be further accessorised with the JUST SPEAK EVO system or with other after market communicators which, thanks to the seats inside the helmet, allow you to communicate not only with your mobile phone and with your passenger. but also to connect to a GPS or listen to music through the phone or MP3 player.

The top-of-the-range Carbon Sonic model is available in the best stores in motorcycle starting from mid-March 2022 at an excellent value for money (€ 399,99 including VAT).

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