Caberg - new flip-up and full-face helmets 2022

Caberg presents the new 2022 graphics and colors for the Drift Evo, Levo and Horus, perfect for traveling and for everyday use.

Caberg - Drift Evo and Levo flip up modular full face helmet
Caberg - Drift Evo and Levo 2022

Caberg helmets have always been among the most dedicated to motorcycle tourism. The Bergamo-based company presents the novelties of the main models for 2022, perfect for traveling and for everyday use.

Drift Evo, Horus and Levo. One integral and two openable helmets are the most selected helmets for those who travel by motorbike and spend many hours on the road around the world (and in urban traffic.) Here are the new graphics available soon.

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Caberg Drift Evo

The Drift Evo full-face sports helmet, used both on the track and on the road, has a new graphic version in two color variants, red and white, for the version with a Carbon shell (DRIFT EVO SONIC).

Caberg Drift Evo - Sonic integral track racing bike best lightweight
Caberg Drift Evo - Sonic

For the fiberglass shells, the company offers a new graphic version in two color variants, fluo yellow / blue / light blue and red / anthracite / gray, (DRIFT EVO LB29). This is also the replica graphics of the pilot's helmet Luca Bernardi which this year participated in the Supersport 600 World Championship and that next year he will compete in the Superbike world championship. Available from January 2022 at the suggested price of 339.99 Euros (Drift Evo LB29) and 399.99 Euros (Drift Evo Carbon Sonic), VAT included.

Caberg Drift Evo - LB29 Luca Bernardi

Caberg Levo

The high-end Levo flip-up helmet does not betray expectations and, in addition to unparalleled comfort, as we told in our test, the company continues to offer new graphics, above all sober and elegant. The new graphic version LEVO SONAR is proposed in three color combinations black / red / anthracite, white / red / blue / light blue and matt black / anthracite white. Available from January 2022 at the suggested price of 439.99 Euros, VAT included.

Caberg Levo - Sonar flip up lightweight modular bluetooth helmet
Caberg Levo - Sonar

Caberg Horus

Caberg Horus is the mid-range flip-up helmet, designed for travel and everyday use with unparalleled visibility. At this link you can find our complete proof. For 2022, Horus also wears the MATT GRAY KAMO colorway. Available from November 2021 at the suggested price of 259.99 Euros, including VAT.

Caberg Horus - Kamo bluetooth modular lightweight flip up helmet
Caberg Horus - Kamo

For more information on Caberg helmets and integrated Bluetooth systems visit the Caberg site.