Avalon the new full-face helmet from Caberg

Conceived and designed to offer safety, a sporty look, many features and a very competitive price.

Caberg Avalon - Giga and Hawk inexpensive full face motorcycle helmet
Caberg Avalon - Giga and Hawk

Caberg Avalon is the full-face helmet designed to offer maximum comfort, large air intakes, a sporty look and maximum safety.

Perfect for daily commuting and tourist use, Avalon was created with the aim of offering young people and adults a full-face helmet complete with everything, at the same time beautiful and protective in all seasons (and at a competitive price).

La cap It is made of two sizes to ensure maximum comfort and the perfect balance between the size of the helmet and the size of the motorcyclist to the benefit of the travel comfort.

La visor scratchproof it is designed for the insertion of the anti-fog lens. The DVT sun visor (Double Visor Tech) is easy to operate, even with i gloves, through the lever on the left side. Both visors are easily removable without the use of tools for cleaning or replacement.

Caberg Avalon - Blast cheap full face motorcycle helmet
Caberg Avalon - Blast

The abundant air vents adjustable, present in the upper and lower area of ​​the helmet, allow an excellent entry of fresh air and, thanks to the air extractors placed under the spoiler back, excellent air circulation is guaranteed.

- interior they are made with breathable fabrics and nets, easy to remove for cleaning and washing. The strap it features a micrometric buckle for easy adjustment. Furthermore Avalon it is equipped with a chin strap and a removable nose guard.

If you then want to stay forever connected, Avalon can be equipped with the Caberg Just Speak Evo or with other intercom / bluetooth systems on the market thanks to the seats inside to house the speakers without interfering with the comfort and interior spaces.

In addition to the single-color versions Black opaque and White, which cost the list 149,99 Euros (VAT included), Avalon is available in three graphic versions and numerous color variations a 179,99 Euros (VAT included): Hawk e Jig are the two most captivating and sporty versions while the Blast it is more classic and elegant.

For more information visit the site caberg.it