Caberg Avalon Forge the full face helmet for everyone

The Caberg Avalon Forge full-face helmet is designed for a young and dynamic public without sacrificing comfort, aesthetics and safety.

Caberg - Avalon Forge full face helmet cheap price
Caberg - Avalon Forge full face helmet

The Bergamo-based company Caberg, leader in the production of helmets for the road segment, expands the Avalon range for 2022 by launching the new Forge full-face model on the market.

A helmet with a captivating design and racing style designed for a young and dynamic public that does not give up on comfort, aesthetics and obviously safety.

The Bergamo house caberg, with over fifty years of experience behind him, knows how important the theme of design is and with the new model Avalon Forge has decided to wink at the female world, increasingly protagonist of the world of two wheels. Three new color variants for this helmet with modern and aggressive lines in racing style: matt white/fluo orange/silver, matt yama blue/white/fluo yellow and the captivating matt black/pink/anthracite, for a model that reflects every detail attention to safety and innovation have always been the flagship and distinctive feature of all helmets Caberg brand.

The Avalon Forge helmet, designed for a younger audience of enthusiasts and for mainly urban use, but also suitable for the most demanding extra-urban routes, is placed in the range of entry-level price of the Caberg product range but can count on all the quality of an Italian product and on the cutting-edge high technology of the Bergamo brand.

On the subject of comfort and safety Avalon Forge can count on a LG Chem Hi-Impact ABS shell, in polycarbonate, of limited volume thanks to the construction in two sizes (small for sizes XS to M and large for sizes L to XXL) so as to guarantee maximum comfort and the perfect balance between the size of the helmet and the size of the motorcyclist, to the total advantage of the silence, aerodynamics and weight which in this model varies respectively from 1500 +/- 50g to 1550 +/- 50g.

Caberg - Avalon Forge full face helmet cheap price
Caberg - Avalon Forge full face helmet

Maximum attention to visibility and driving comfort is what those who choose to wear an Avalon Forge helmet and, more generally, all the models of the Caberg Avalon line can count on.

La visor which offers an excellent field of vision in all directions, it boasts lenses with variable thickness, so as to improve the quality of the optics. Anti-scratch and developed for the insertion of the anti-fog lens and the DVT (Double Visor Tech) sun visor, the standard visor of the Avalon Forge model is easily maneuverable, even when wearing the gloves, thanks to the lever on the left side of the helmet and does not require any specific tools for its removal, cleaning or replacement.

Air flows are a very important element when conducting the motorcycle at high but also at medium speeds in different weather conditions. For this in the upper and lower areas, the Avalon Forge helmet is equipped with large air intakes which facilitate air access and ventilation, while the air extractors located under the rear spoiler ensure optimal air circulation.

THEinternal of the helmet is removable and washable, made with breathable fabrics and nets while the closure system provides a strap with micrometric buckle useful for adjustment and with removable chin strap and nose.

The new Avalon Forge is system ready Bluetooth JUST SPEAK EVO, or with other communicators in the after market which, thanks to the seats inside to house the speakers, allows you to communicate not only with your mobile phone and with your passenger but also to connect to a GPS or listen to music through the phone or MP3 player.

The Avalon Forge model will be available in the best motorcycle shops starting from mid-December 2021, is ECE-2205 approved and will cost € 189,99 including VAT.

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