Bremen: from the 60s to the Dakar

Half a century of road, mud and dust. The Italian brand Brema, from its origins to the Dakar 2021.

Stefan Svitko - Dakar 2021 - Bremen motorbike
Stefan Svitko - Dakar 2021

Brema, the Italian brand of technical motorcycle clothing born in 1969 today develops increasingly performing garments with an unmistakable design.

Half a century of road, mud and dust make Bremen one of the most elegant and popular brands of technical motorcycle clothing today.

It was 1969 when Bruno Gioli realized that whoever was going in motorcycle he needed something different, something technical that would help the driver in off-road racing and at the same time set him apart from the crowd. 52 years later, we saw the historic "full sleeve" Bremen logo on Stefan Svitko's arms, crossing the finish line of the Dakar Rally in eighth position.

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Bremen “Silver Vase” Man and Lady.

It is the classic 4-pocket jacket by Bremen, with the large logo on the sleeves; born in the 70s, it was used by all the best riders in the world of the time in off-road racing.
Like all garments that have stories to tell, over time it has become a true icon.

Brema Silver Vase Man motorcycle vintage jacket
Brema Silver Vase Man

Today it is offered in 4 color variants, red, blue, yellow and light blue; in all respects it incorporates the peculiarities of the garment of the time, but adequate to the regulations in force today, it is in fact supplied as standard, also wearable separately, with a bodice with certified protections on shoulders and elbows and the possibility of also inserting the back protector .

Bremen Silver Vase Lady motorcycle jacket
Bremen Silver Vase Lady

All strictly with the logo on the sleeves, black for the yellow variant and white for the red, blue and light blue. Retail price: Silver Vase Man € 379,90 - Silver Vase Lady € 359,90

From the Bremen archive

Created in 1969 by Bruno Gioli, the BREMA brand was born from the encounter between the passion for off-road motorcycling and the need to find products capable of satisfying it. It was the first brand to create an essential and modern style in the world of motorcycle clothing, with the aim of satisfying the new technical needs of enthusiasts.

Bremen Archive
Bremen Archive

It was Bremen that understood the importance of fabric transpiration by making jackets in a combination of cotton and polyester. The idea of ​​applying removable protectors followed, thus offering garments with a better fit together with an elastic band in trousers and jackets for greater freedom of movement. Nothing was left to chance and even the direction of the seams had the function of making the garments more resistant, also introducing many new colors in a world where the garments were mainly black.

In 2000, Giovanni Barocci, for the desire to create beautiful and functional motorcycle garments, brought back to life the large logo on the sleeves and after tracing the owner, he took over the brand, adding the technical line for those who use the bike at 360 degrees. .


Bremen is present as a sponsor in numerous categories of off-road competitions, including the Dakar rally. At the last tough edition, in Saudi Arabia, Stefan Svitko conquers the eighth position in the general classification. Thirteen, if we also consider the prologue, exhausting days that ended in Jeddah, on the shores of the Red Sea after thousands of kilometers of sand, dunes and rocks. Stefan Svitko managed the advantage over his pursuers for the entire duration of the race, managing to finish in eighth position as a privateer, in a Dakar where the official drivers were 22.