Braided brake hoses and Fren Tubo

Motorcycle safety, the importance of the braking system, braided brake hoses and the quality of the Italian production of Fren Tubo.

Fren Africa Twin Brake Hose Braid
Carbotech Braided Brake Hoses for Africa Twin

Braided brake hoses for all types of motorcycles: where safety flows.

When it comes to security in motorcycle, a world opens up that goes from motorcycles to helmets, from airbags to clothing.

As for the brakes, the most important system of our motorcycles, many neglect the brake hoses, through which the oil is pumped which acts on the calipers, which in turn "tighten" the pads against the disc, triggering the braking action.

When the brake hoses are of poor quality or dated, or simply not made of braid, the pressure exerted on the brakes loses its effectiveness precisely due to the imperceptible elasticity (or compliance) of the hose, thus having to "brake harder" to stop / slow down or resign yourself to anticipating the braking action.

Here the braided tubes intervene, beyond the chosen alloy, which allow to maintain a higher and constant pressure inside the tube, thus preventing the energy impressed to brake from being dispersed due to the expansion of the original tube.

What is the real advantage: a more immediate, decisive, controlled braking.

Fren Tubo manufactures flexible pipes connected not only for braking systems, but also for shock absorbers, cooling systems, radiators, fuels. The braids are made of steel, Kevlar or Carbon with fittings in Steel or Aluminum alloy.

Fren Tubo - Braided brake hoses
Fren Tubo - Braided brake hoses

Among the projects of Moto Excape of 2020, there is an "old lady" makeover for the major Adventure Touring events of 2020, such as the Swank Rally of Sardegna (in the historical motorcycle category) and the HAT Series.

The Honda Dominator chosen for these events turns 30 this year, and although it is always an excellent bike, we have decided to make it a complete restyling, especially in terms of safety. For this reason we have chosen Fren Tubo as a supplier for the brake hoses of this project and for the future “custom” of the editorial staff.

The intense research and the high professionalism of FREN TUBO have been a point of reference for the main Italian and foreign manufacturers and retailers for more than 35 years. The company produces kits for every brand and model of motorcycle, from the most ancient to those just released on the market. It is also possible to request pipes and kits tailored to your needs, whether it is simple daily use or for competitive use.

The fields of application of FREN TUBO products are innumerable: motorcycles, cars, bicycles, industrial vehicles, karts, drones, armored vehicles, earthmoving machinery, light aircraft and boats.

To meet the highest demands of motorcycle racing teams, Fren Tubo has developed the technologically advanced tubing with carbon wire braid, therefore characterized by performance and quality beyond all imagination. The carbon braided hoses are therefore used in MotoGp, Moto-2, Moto-E, SBK.

The intense research and high professionalism of Fren Tubo, whose production is UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 certified, have been a point of reference for the main Italian and foreign manufacturers and retailers for more than 35 years.

For more information you can visit the the manufacturer's website. Follow us to find out how they went.


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