Bags and accessories for Caballero from Givi

Customizing this "fun bike" is almost a must and interesting ideas come from the set of accessories that GIVI has dedicated to it.

Fantic Caballero Givi
Fantic Caballero with Givi accessories

From Givi many accessories of all kinds to customize the Fantic Caballero, from the protections, to the fairing to the frames for bags.

A model, declined in the 125, 250 and 500 displacements, which is bringing the Fantic Motor back to the glories of the past.

Available for all '18 -'19 versions of the Caballero, the proposals GIVI they gratify the aesthetics, increase driving comfort and add space for luggage… all without affecting the strongly retro line of the bike… which continues not to go unnoticed despite being present on our roads for three years now. There are many distinctive elements proposed as standard, among which those declined to give this “new” CABALLERO a very convincing scrambler style stand out.

To go further, there is the aftermarket with its specialized components (to improve the chassis, for example) and with accessories universal and dedicated. The latter belong to the GIVI philosophy, the one that aims to enrich rather than prevail.

Fantic Caballero - Givi Accessories
Fantic Caballero - Givi Accessories

SR9150 - Rear attachment in glossy black metal specific for MONOLOCK top case (it matches the plates supplied as standard with the top houses of this family). Retail price: 121,50 euros. The support also acts as a luggage rack and as such can also be used for the transport of a compact soft GIVI bag.

TMT9150 - Specific frame to mount on the left side of the motorcycle the elegant side bag MT501S of the Metro-T line. Retail prices respectively 86,50 and 193,50 euros.

BF43 - Specific flange for the use of tank bags equipped with TANKLOCK quick attachment / detachment. Retail price: € 47,90.

As many as 7 compatible models indicated by GIVI… however we believe that the most suitable for the line of this bike is the compact 123-liter EA5. The MT505 and ST602B bags are also to be evaluated.

100AL / ALB - Universal Race Cafe screen available in natural or black anodized aluminum. The measurements are: 20,5 x 26,5 cm (H x W). Public prices: 119,00 and 130,00 euros.

To mount it on the Caballero you need the dedicated fitting kit AL9150A. Price to the public: 30,00 euros.

140A / S - A second universal windshield, more protective than the previous one, available with transparent or smoked screen. Measurements: 35 x 41 cm (H x W). Retail price: 90,50 euros. Also in this case the assembly on the round headlight of the motorcycle is carried out using the fitting kit AL9150A.

TN9150 - Tubular paramotor (diameter 25mm), specific and proposed in black color. Retail price: € 114,50. For this accessory, full compatibility is guaranteed only with the 500 version. 

 RP9150 - Specific sump guard in anodized satin finish aluminum. S.thickness 5mm. Retail price: 119,50 euros. Also in this case, the declared compatibility concerns exclusively the Caballero 500.

PR9150 - Specific protection for radiator in black painted stainless steel. Retail price: € 75,90.


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