BMW R 18 Transcontinental and R 18 B ready for travel

New BMW R 18 Transcontinental and R 18 B: "The Big Boxer" like the Grand American Tourer for luxury travel and Bagger for cool American-style highway travel.

BMW R 18 Transcontinental and BMW R 18 B.
BMW R 18 Transcontinental and BMW R 18 B.

New BMW R 18 Transcontinental and R 18 B: “The Big Boxer” is transformed for luxury travel in American style and maximum comfort.

With the new R 18 Transcontinental, BMW Motorrad is adding a Grand American Tourer and the particularly popular R 18 B “Bagger” in the United States to the R 18 family.

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As with previous R 18 models, the new R 18 Transcontinental and R 18 B combine the thrilling power of the “Big Boxer” with a classic chassis concept that draws on historic models, exclusive equipment and elegant design.

This makes the R 18 Transcontinental ideal for American-style travel and long distances - whether for solo driving or with passenger and luggage. The R 18 B, on the other hand, is designed as a “rider's machine” that offers emotional driving pleasure and is ideal for touring and cruising.

BMW R 18 Transcontinental
BMW R 18 Transcontinental

Main features

Special features of the new R 18 Transcontinental include: front fairing with high windshield, deflector and flap. Cockpit with four round analogue instruments and 10,25 inch TFT color display, additional headlight, Marshall sound system, engine protection bars, panniers, top case, seat heating, chrome trim and a metallic silver engine.

By contrast, the new R 18 B does without the top case and, in the style of a “bagger”, offers among other things a low windshield, a thinner seat and a matte black metallic engine.

The engine

The heart of the new R 18 Transcontinental and R 18 B is a twin-cylinder boxer engine, the "Big Boxer", a completely new development for the R 18 models. Not only its impressive appearance, but also the technical specifications demonstrate its links with the traditional air-cooled boxer engines that have provided inspiring driving experiences for more than seventy years since BMW Motorrad started motorcycle production in 1923. The mightiest flat twin engine ever made in the production of motorcycle it boasts a displacement of 1.802 cc as standard. and an output of 67 kW (91 hp) at 4.750 rpm. Between 2.000 and 4.000 rpm. It always delivers more than 150 Nm of torque, as well as essential pulling force and dominant sound.

BMW R 18 B
BMW R 18 B


Double cradle steel tubular frame, a rear beam consisting of stamped sheet metal parts and a rear swingarm with thru-axle transmission with a rigid frame appearance

The heart of the frame of the new R 18 Transcontinental and R 18 B is a tubular steel double cradle frame with a rear beam made up of stamped sheet parts. Its design carries on the long BMW Motorrad tradition for this type of frame. Particularly high manufacturing quality and attention to detail are evident even in barely noticeable elements such as welded joints between steel pipes and cast or forged parts. As with the legendary BMW R 5, the rear swingarm, designed with a similar design, is traversed by the rear drive axle in the same style using bolted joints.

BMW R 18 Transcontinental and BMW R 18 B.
The cockpit

Electronics and Infotainment

Dynamic Cruise Control (DCC) as standard. Active Cruise Control (ACC) - cruise control with integrated distance control for relaxed touring as an optional ex works.

Cockpit with classic design circular instruments and 10,25 ″ TFT color screen with map navigation for convenient route planning and extensive connectivity as standard.

Audio system with Marshall audio system: a new digital dimension of sound as an ex works standard.