BMW new F 750 GS, F 850 ​​GS and F 850 ​​GS Adventure

BMW Motorrad celebrates 40 years of the BMW GS model with new colors "Rallye and 40 Years GS Edition" and extended standard and optional equipment for the F 750 GS and F 850 ​​GS.

New BMW F 750 850 GS Adventure 40 Years
New BMW F 750 GS F 850 ​​GS and F 850 ​​GS Adventure "40 Years"

BMW Motorrad is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the GS model with exciting new colors, 40 Years Edition and extended equipment.

The general changes to the BMW F 750 GS, BMW F 850 GS and BMW F 850 ​​GS Adventure include new design and the each style variant is decisively characterized in the side elements of the fairing. In addition, all models now have new flashing LED turn indicators as standard and a USB charging device in the front right of the dashboard. ABS Pro and DTC (Dynamic Traction Control) are now also standard, for even greater safety when accelerating and braking.

As before, the three models feature the powerful two-cylinder 853 cc 4-valve per cylinder, liquid-cooled, injection electronics fuel and six-speed gearbox, which in all versions guarantees a strong push. The engine is also designed to meet the future Euro 5 emission standard and thanks to its two balance shafts it gratifies the rider with its characteristic smooth and ready delivery, impressive thrust and low fuel consumption. As in the past, the BMW F 750 GS generates 57 kW (77 hp) at 7500 rpm and develops and a maximum torque of 83 Nm at 6.000 rpm. The BMW F 850 ​​GS and BMW F 859 GS Adventure still offer 70 kW (95 PS) at 8250 rpm and 92 Nm at 6250 rpm.

1The new BMW F 750 GS: available in Light White, Style Sport or “40 Years GS Edition” colors, and with extended standard equipment.

BMW F 750 GS
BMW F 750 GS "40 Years"
  • The new BMW F750 GS is now also available in Light White with matching tank cover. The light color contrasts strikingly with the matt black rims, black handlebars and red / black saddle.
  • The BMW F 750 GS is also available in San Marino blue metallic, which together with the tinted windshield gives it a sportier touch. Thanks to the metallic Granite gray rims, the silver handlebar, the black and gray saddle and the galvanized radiator guards, the motorcycle gives a great impression of high quality.
  • Instead, the BMW F 750 GS “40 Years GS” edition draws attention with its logo on the side fairing. The yellow handguards and the black and yellow seat with the GS logo are unmistakably reminiscent of an icon from the 40-year-old GS history: the BMW R 100 GS. The matt black rims, the silver-colored handlebars and the galvanized radiator guards underline the exclusivity of this celebratory edition.

2The new BMW F 850 ​​GS: in Racing Red, Rallye style or “40 Years GS Edition”, and with extended standard equipment.

BMW F 850 ​​GS Adventure 40 Years
New BMW F 850 ​​GS and F 850 ​​GS Adventure "40 Years"
  • The new BMW F 850 ​​GS is available in the new Racing Red color with matching tank cover. This color creates a particular contrast with the black fork, the black rims and the black / gray saddle.
  • In Rallye style and in Racing Blue metallic, the BMW F 850 ​​GS together with the handguards, black fork and black-red seat underline its sporty character. The gold rims and the galvanized radiator guard accentuate the feeling of luxury.
  • The “40 Years GS Edition” of the BMW F 850 ​​GS celebrates the 40th anniversary of the BMW GS models in Black Storm Metallic with the “40 Years GS” logo on the side panels of the fairing. The exclusive yellow handguards, the gold rims and the black / yellow saddle bearing the GS logo make the model unique and easily recognizable. The black fork and galvanized radiator guard are other hallmarks of this celebratory edition.
  • The standard equipment of the BMW F 850 ​​GS has been further improved with a windscreen adjustment mechanism and a TFT display with the convenient functions of the Connectivity system

3The new BMW F 850 ​​GS Adventure: in Ice Gray, Rallye style or “40 Years GS Edition” and with extended standard equipment.

BMW F 850 ​​GS Adventure
BMW F 850 ​​GS Adventure "Rallye"
  • In the new Ice Gray color scheme with matching tank cover, the new BMW F 850 ​​GS Adventure satisfies the desire for adventure with optimum off-road and long-distance performance. The black fork and rims and the gray-black comfort saddle blend smoothly and harmoniously.
  • The new BMW F 850 ​​GS Adventure in Rallye style and in the Kalamata matt metallic version evoke sporting talent and an adventurous spirit. With its golden rims and fork, the new BMW F 850 ​​GS Adventure appears dynamic and refined at the same time. The sporty windshield and the black-gray padded Rallye seat with a height of 890 mm lend an even sportier appearance to the BMW F 850 ​​GS Adventure.
  • The new BMW F 850 ​​GS Adventure in the “40 Years GS Edition” is dedicated to the special anniversary of the BMW GS models. The “40 Years GS” logo and the yellow handguards are the distinctive features of this edition proposed in Black Storm metallic color. The black fork, the gold rims and the black and yellow padded two-seater saddle with a height of 860 mm complete the homage of the BMW F 850 ​​Adventure to the 40th anniversary of the GS family. A TFT display that includes convenient Connectivity features is now standard.

4New and updated optional equipment and original BMW Motorrad accessories for the BMW F 750 GS and BMW F 850 ​​GS models.

  • The new BMW F 750 GS, BMW F 850 ​​GS and BMW F 850 ​​GS Adventure are all equipped with new options for the Pro driving modes. As in the GS models with boxer engines, a reworked throttle response in driving mode DYNAMIC now ensures even more dynamics and driving pleasure.
  • In addition, the dynamic control of the engine brake and the Dynamic Brake Control (DBC) are now available in Pro riding modes. Other new features of the Pro Riding modes include preselecting up to four riding modes for assigning buttons on the right handlebar controls (supplied with the Connectivity option in the BMW F 750 GS).
  • A significantly lowered seat and special lowered suspension will be available as optional equipment for all three models, improving accessibility.
  • - accessories original BMW Motorrad now they offer support for the BMW F 850 ​​GS and BMW F 850 ​​GS Adventure to mount the BMW Motorrad Navigator above the standard TFT display, which is advantageous when the driver is engaged in off-road standing driving. This support was previously reserved exclusively for vehicles competing in the GS Trophy. The optional “Preparation for navigation device” equipment is still available for placement on the handlebar clamp as before.
  • As the complete ABS shutdown will no longer be permitted under legal homologation regulations in the future, the Enduro and Enduro Pro riding modes provide adequate controls in this regard. The ABS function can still be deactivated on the rear wheel only in Enduro Pro riding mode (only for the BMW F 850 ​​GS and BMW F 850 ​​GS Adventure).

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