BMW Motorrad presents "The Great Getaway"

On tour with the R 18 for eight days exploring Costa Rica, Portugal and the United States.

BMW Motorrad - The Great Getaway R 18 big boxer
BMW Motorrad - The Great Getaway

BMW Motorrad takes you to travel on the R 18 for 3 great adventures between Costa Rica, Portugal and the United States. Three totally different experiences with the Big Boxer.

Experience the beauty of nature for eight days on the “Big Boxers” of the R 18 family, enjoy the freedom of endless expanses, immerse yourself in the urban jungle, discover the unexpected and leave the stress of everyday life behind.

In "The Great Getaway", BMW Motorrad will offer the ideal travel format already prepared for a perfect time-out, organized and performed by Elephant Motorcycle, partner of BMW Motorrad.

For the 2022 motorcycle season, three evocative destinations have been designed to give riders exceptional heritage-style motorcycle pleasure: Costa Rica, Portugal and the United States. Each tour includes eight days of riding on R 18 family motorcycles, a tour guide, hotel accommodation and meals, a support vehicle, and an extensive social activity program. In short: everything was organized.

BMW Motorrad - The Great Getaway R 18 big boxer
BMW Motorrad - The Great Getaway

The “Big Boxers” will cruise along the rugged coastlines, through dense forests, mountains and waterfalls. Participants will get to know hidden places and interesting people, savor local and international cuisine and recharge their batteries for the next day in accommodation specially designed for the tours.

With a maximum of twelve participants per tour, the daily stops from 150 to 200 kilometers allow you to proceed quickly, to have fun together in the evening and to live an intense shared experience during the "Urban Day", where participants immerse themselves in the melting pot of famous cities such as: San José in Costa Rica, Lisbon in Portugal and Portland / Oregon in the USA.

BMW Motorrad - The Great Getaway R 18 big boxer
BMW Motorrad - The Great Getaway

New, intense sensations await the participants at every step: pulsating life, exotic scents, spectacular architecture, even the soundscape is never the same. After all, every city has its own rhythm. Moreover, you have the opportunity to meet people, who represent the real beating heart of the city. Like, for example, when you visit a local artisan or market.

After dinner, the day can end in various ways. For example, with a whiskey tasting, cocktails "on the roof" or live music, before everyone gets back on the saddle the next morning: "The Great Getaway - get your R 18 in motion, please!" Eight days of unforgettable riding pleasure combined with incredible experiences await the participants.

The possible slots for "The Great Getaway" are:

  1. Costa Rica, March 2022
  2. Portugal, from April to June 2022
  3. USA, from August to October 2022

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