Sw-Motech luggage and accessories for BMW F 900 R and XR

Sw-Motech presents the new line of travel bags and safety accessories for the BMW F 900 R and F 900 XR.

Sw-Motech for BMW F 900 R and XR
Sw-Motech for BMW F 900 R and XR

BMW F 900 R and XR are the new naked from the Bavarian house: slim, agile and able to make you discover many destinations in Italy and in the world.

With an ergonomic driving position well designed to grind many thousands of kilometers, all you need is the right luggage to have everything you need with you for a weekend or a long journey.

Sw-Motech has equipped the Naked and BMW Sport-tourers (as well as hundreds of other models of other brands) with accessories designed for travel, for the safety and ergonomics. Click here for the gallery.


For the new 900 model series, BMW has installed a lightweight welded plastic tank that allows for easy mounting of the three tank bags of the ION series and numerous models of the EVO series with the help of the specific tank ring for motorcycle. A reservoir ring has also been developed to suit the PRO tank bags which will be available from May. This allows you to easily and safely carry up to 20 liters of luggage thanks to the QUICK-LOCK patent, which allows easy removal of the bag during refueling.

For the tail, the developers of Sw-Motech have adapted both the removable PRO side support and the small and sturdy SLC supports to fit the R and XR models. This means that for longer tours with the F 900 XR, the TRAX ADV and ION aluminum cases with a capacity of 45 liters on each side can be fitted. Alternatively, you can use the soft saddlebags of the SysBag series, each with a capacity of 15 or 30 liters, or the AERO ABS plastic cases with 2 x 25 liters of space.

For sporty motorcyclists Sw-Motech recommends the compact side cases in ABS URBAN, which can be hooked onto the SLC holder in a simple step. Those who prefer an even more racing pace can fit the two discreet and detachable BLAZE mounts and the two matching bags with a capacity of up to 42 liters - all of which can be quickly removed if you want to ride without luggage.

Located behind the passenger, STREET-RACK offers space for the aluminum cases of the TRAX ADV and ION series, as well as the ABS URBAN plastic case.

Greater protection and safety: crash bar, slider and center stand

The different fairing designs on both bikes required the construction of bespoke crash bars for both the F 900 R and F 900 XR. In the event of an accident or if the motorcycle falls, very costly damage can be prevented. The sporty F 900 R also allows the installation of very discreet sliders. The sturdy center stand ensures a stable position during maintenance stops or with heavy luggage. For short stops, the side stand extension facilitates safe parking of both F 900 models, even on uneven ground.

For ergonomics, SW-MOTECH offers an adjustable shift lever for both models. Even more adjustments are possible with the EVO footrests made of corrosion-resistant cast stainless steel. And those who find that the flow of air while driving the F 900 R at high speeds is too annoying, can mount the windshield, made of brushed aluminum, in front of the dashboard.

All SW-MOTECH products for the F 900 R and F 900 XR will be available in stores at the end of May. For more information visit the site sw-motech.com


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