BMW F 850 ​​GS - The new crossover

BMW's new crossover, the F 850 ​​GS, takes a leap forward and will take you wherever you want.

BMW F 850 ​​GS crossover

The new BMW F 850 ​​GS with the new engine and the 21 "front wheel, the Bavarian does not set limits and gives the rider great emotions.

We are not talking about a novelty by now, but in the editorial office we preferred to wait to try it (on vacation) and to have the necessary feedback before talking about it.

BMW F 850 ​​GS crossoverThe high weight could scare a bit (230kg) but the electronics are now of a high level, with the two riding modes as standard (rain and road) and with the optional ones of the Pro package (dynamic, enduro, enduro pro) the motorcycle it is manageable in any situation. The driving position is very intuitive and decidedly ergonomic, without ever tiring the driver, even in the most physical “off” situations. Only on the motorway did we hear the slightly under-dimensioned windshield.

BMW F 850 ​​GS crossoverThe suspension, firmer and less prone to sinking, make the difference in both acceleration and braking. However, we must remember that in the fold we also always have a 21 ″ in front. In any case, even on the bumpy and in the most demanding stretches, the bike has always remained under control, without even feeling the need to deactivate the ABS. The braking system is always responsive and well modulated, even with just one finger.

BMW F 850 ​​GS crossoverTurning to the cavalry, the new engine of the F 850 GS it has always remained regular and constant throughout the delivery period. Horses are not lacking (95hp) and they all feel, without holes and without jerks and with a recovery that has proved effective even in sixth gear at 2.000 rpm. We have been on the motorway, we have tackled dirt roads, hairpin bends, climbs and descents, experiencing the pleasant sensation of immediately knowing the whole bike well and all the facets of its character, constant and consistent across the board.

A crossover with a capital C, not far from the big sister 1200 GS, with all the credentials to take you from the office in Ushuaia through any terrain.

displacement 853 cc Tank 15,0 liters
Power 95 hp at 8.250 rpm Saddle height ? cm
Torque 92 Nm at 6.250 rpm ABS as standard SI
Weight in gear 229 Kg Price fc  € 12.250


Photo credits @ 2018 BMW GROUP