BMW F 750 GS - Test and Review

BMW F 750 GS the small, large, medium-displacement crossover perfect for everyday use in the city, for traveling and for really having a lot of fun.

BMW F750GS Crossover touring test
BMW F750GS Crossover touring test

BMW F 750 GS the adventure travel bike and for everyday use ideal for those looking for a "definitive" bike.

It is the younger sister of the queens of all the sales charts, that is the much acclaimed F 1250 GS, but defining it as such is not exactly nice (if not for the displacement) and now we tell you how much fun we had and why for us it is a ideal bike for almost everything.

We took advantage of the less hot days before the heat of August and we left Milan for the Switzerland, passing from the Maloja Pass towards Bernina (classic itinerario very sweet) to finish on the most challenging San Marco pass e Val Taleggio.

First of all, do not be fooled by the initials 750, as the engine is the same as the one from the twin F 850 ​​GS (the more off-road version with spoked wheels and the 21 "front) or 853cc. The model we tested, with 19 ″ road and front tires, featured the package accessories complete, with trio of bags BMW (expandable) and the following packages: Dynamic, Comfort, LED e Touring, in coloration Stereo Metallic Matt.

In the saddle

Get on board the location is really well thought out: I, who am not a pole, have no difficulty in touching the ground well, the handlebars are at the right distance and immediately have an excellent feeling of grip and control. The saddle is not the softest and will perhaps be the only one of the few found.

Il 6,5 inch TFT display, full of information, it is well readable even in full sun, moreover you can connect your smartphone to the F 750 GS via Bluetooth and manage a wide range of functions using the multicontrollers very intuitive on the handlebar. The system is very convenient Keyless which allows you to leave the key in your pocket. The center of gravity is not the lowest and the weight is felt both when stationary and when maneuvering (but only there). The matt / metallic look and the granite gray finishes are very captivating: a touch of novelty from the usual white or black outfits.

Before leaving

Upload the original BMW suitcases (optional), we appreciate both the ease of release and opening and the possibility of increasing its capacity by acting on the internal lever: excellent load capacity, minus the choice of look and materials. Before turning on the twin cylinder from X, we study and set the chassis (with the Dynamic ESA), above all we memorize the steps of the commands, since you can adjust everything while in gear including the traction (DTC) and ABS with the Dynamic package, in the different driving modes ( road, rain, dynamic and enduro). We turn on the engine and the sound of the exhaust, according to the law, makes us understand that the motorcycle is ready immediately to unload a nice couple on the ground from ben 83 NM at 6.000 rpm. Let's go!

City and highway

As soon as you enter the first, with a cultural, light and super precise thanks to the system electric assisted pro, you immediately notice the handling of the bike and we immediately forget the over 220kg, even at the slowest pace of city traffic. The bike moves well, agile, absorbing all the roughness of the asphalt. The engine at the bottom makes itself heard immediately, the Bavarian twin has torque and sprint to spare and we have to get carried away so as not to overdo it at every traffic light. We do not take the highway, but the highway that connects Milan to Colico is not so different. In a few seconds we are at cruising speed, immediately setting the driving mode "road”Not to give up the gas on the fast corners that lead to Lecco. The driving position is really well studied, the aerodynamic protection not the best, but we expected it since there is no real windshield but a sort of deflector (the tallest ones will surely suffer). There saddle, as anticipated, it is not the most comfortable: the compromise between narrow hips to touch better and a wider seat at the back did not, in my opinion, create a very comfortable and welcoming support (also due to the hardness of the materials) and after an hour we begin to "shake ”To find the best position. When we go down for coffee, our butt was happy to stretch a little.

Fast mixed

We begin to climb from Chiavenna towards Sankt Moritz, on the long curves that lead to Engadine, magnificent valley, and on the hairpin bends of the Maloja Pass. The bike is really stable like a train on rails, descends fast in the fold with constant progression and is immediately ready to pick up speed when exiting the corners. The setting of the Dynamic ESA (active suspension adjustment included in touring package) is set to "dynamic"Or the sportiest one, and you can feel it. The brakes bite well and are well modulated, even theABS-Pro performs its duty very well. The Swiss do not forgive on excesses of speed and we are very careful all the way, but this does not prevent us from appreciating the BMW twin cylinder and the really well thought out and successful chassis. If it weren't for the driving position and setting, it almost seems to be driving a naked of those already pushed, agile and fun, but with the comfort of a touring bike. The driving pleasure is like those of the classic hot comment “I can't get out, it's too good!”, I don't know if you know what I mean.

After the Engadine and the Bernina Pass (also there, beware of the patrols of "Hubert") and many curves brushed to the maximum of enjoyment, it is the turn of the Italian steps that bring us back to Milan.

Mixed tight

From Tirano we go towards Morbegno, where the climb towards the Passo San Marco and Val Taleggio. The road here is noticeably different from the Swiss ones: narrow, poorly maintained surface and much tighter curves. We reduce the pace, first to enjoy the magnificent panorama of the Valtellina that can be seen going up, second to "feel" the bike in the tight curves and on the bumpy surface. Despite the weight and dimensions of a crossover, the bike always remains manageable and stable. Thanks and numerous traction and suspension adjustments it is still easy, after a few attempts, to find the right setting for your driving style and any passenger, all without stopping or taking your hands off the handlebars, although we always recommend doing so. when stationary so as not to get distracted while driving. To "feel" the difference, we drive a few kilometers with our squire's Triumph Tiger 800, an excellent bike, but devoid of all the technology that BMW has made available to us, and it's like going downhill in the woods with racing skis. a few years ago compared to modern all-round skis: even here the Bavarian wins hands down.

I would buy it because: it falls into that category of motorcycles that you would really use every day, both for city and touring, both with a sporty and quiet ride. It has power when you need it without losing a fraction of a second and a braking system that does not betray, even under torture, also thanks to the excellent suspension. It has a modern, slim and stylish line, and all the options and packages that are worth every single Euro, including the LEDs that light up and significantly increase the depth of the view. It is prepared for all navigation and communication devices and has electronics that only BMW can design and offer to its customers. Alone or in company it has all the attributes to make you feel that sense of "I can't / I want to get off" (maybe with the "comfort" saddle the feeling is amplified!).

What we didn't like: the windshield is more of a deflector and protects little from the wind, the standard saddle is not the most comfortable on long journeys, the bags are and become very roomy but the black plastic clashes a bit with the elegance of the bike, the information and the settings are really useful and many but occasionally distract from driving, the bracket on the handlebar clamp for any navigator interferes with any tank bags.

In conclusion There is no perfect bike, but the small defects found (in our opinion) show that BMW designs its products to be more and more satisfying for the most demanding motorcyclists. Often you aim "high", admiring the big sister F 1250 GS, but a few horses and a few kilos less are not in my opinion a dishonor, on the contrary, and you gain from many points of view, think about it ... Moreover, also in version "Full optional" the cost is really competitive in terms of quality / price ratio, as well as consumption, in line with those declared by the house.

For the test we used: Midland BTX2 Pro S intercom, Schuberth helmet, SW-Motech tank bag, clothing Dainese.