Liguria: the region of records that loves motorbikes

BIT 2023: the Liguria region is confirmed as one of the most visited by motorcyclists and confirms its commitment to promoting tourism on 2 wheels.

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Camogli - Ph. in Liguria

In a period in which environmentalists and local fundamentalists lose sight of the importance of motorcycle tourism, Liguria confirms its passion for engines (electric and internal combustion) and for motorcyclists.

According to our recent survey, Liguria is one of the favorite destinations for Italian and foreign motorcyclists, one of the most visited by motorbike (from neighboring regions and from France) and often the scene of many events, including off-road vehicles. For this reason we interviewed Augusto Sartori, Councilor for Tourism.

"In the last year the number of foreign tourists has increased up to 2,1 million - specifies theTourism Councilor Augusto Sartori – with an 80% growth in arrivals and over 73% in presences compared to 2021, even surpassing the exceptional figure of 2019. Important numbers, because many are impressed by our splendid sea and our wonderful beaches, even from all the excellences that our region is able to offer to its guests, also in order to encourage the seasonal adjustment of tourism. "

In a region where the road system is a hot topic, with recent dramatic events, outdoor activities, including those in the motor industry, they are a priority for the region, confirms Sartori, who continues to support local authorities in the development and promotion of all forms of tourism, respecting the environment and the local area.

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Varigotti – Ph. in Liguria

The theme of the territory is then linked to that offood and wine and hospitality, a theme very dear to the Councilor who has always been at the forefront also as an entrepreneur in the catering sector. The many events and promotional initiatives (past and future) in fact demonstrate how important it is to enrich the offer for all visitors, with careful valorisation of small entrepreneurs and villages historical, not only on the sea but above all in the hinterland.

“From the prawns of Sanremo, to the wines, to the raw materials of the whole territory, the qualitative growth of food and wine products and restaurant services (chefs, restaurants, cellars, shops…) is now tangible: from East to West, passing through the infinite valleys and peaks that distinguish the Liguria, every tourist and motorcyclist, can travel the roads of Liguria gratifying all the senses, especially the taste.”

Not least the safety, through the local authorities and the related police forces, the region is always on the front line to avoid, where possible, that a beautiful day in motorcycle is ruined by unpleasant events.

So, now that the temperatures are already milder, all you have to do is get on the saddle, fasten your helmet and slowly enjoy the countless artistic, naturalistic and gastronomic beauties of Liguria.

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