Benelli TRK 502 X my21 - Test

Test and review of the best-selling bike, the Benelli TRK 502 X in the new 2021 Euro 5 version.

The test of Benelli's tourer, the TRK 502 X, the best-selling bike of 2020, confirms its vocation for traveling with a lot of comfort.

The little big maxi-enduro, which has really surprised everyone positively, confirms all its qualities and qualities. In our test we especially appreciated the travel comfort and handling, as well as many other advantages that explain the success it is having.

La Benelli TRK502, after the resounding success of 2020 with 3.569 motorcycle registered, presents for 2021 the update of Euro 5 homologation which introduces targeted improvements to the technical package of the bike. The price remains unchanged in Euros 5.990 ex-dealer.

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Benelli TRK 502 X test test review review opinions
Benelli TRK502X


TRK 502 X presents a setting suspensions consisting of an upside-down fork with 50 mm stanchions at the front and rear, a swingarm with central mono shock absorber adjustable in rebound and compression and spring preload to absorb the most bumpy road sections with maximum ease. TRK 502 X also features a terminal in a raised position compared to the TRK 502 road version, to tackle even the most bumpy road sections without problems. THE spoke circles 19 "at the front and 17" at the rear, they are suitable for off-road use (light) and together with the suspension make the bike extremely manageable.

Benelli TRK 502 X test test review review opinions
Benelli TRK502X


Il fairing it protects the rider well and does not generate annoying turbulence, even the handguards are a valid protection for ride comfort. New graphics and control blocks now backlit. News also regarding the saddle, now more comfortable and spacious to allow maximum comfort for rider and passenger.

Benelli TRK 502 X test test review review opinions
Benelli TRK502X


Il engine, now updated according to the Euro 5 standard, is the known 500cc liquid-cooled twin-cylinder four-stroke e 47,6 CV (35 kW) at 8500 rpm, always smooth and manageable in all conditions, with excellent starting from standstill and considerable energy at the bottom. The transmission ratio has also been shortened primary, and feels, to ensure a prompt response in all conditions.

Qualche vibration you begin to feel above 115/120 km / h but this is normal for a small engine, without compromising ride comfort. While at lower speeds, even on dirt roads, the sweetness of the engine allows you to manage without problems all the maneuvers in the most insidious and slow passages, without missing your back when you need that extra push.

Benelli TRK 502 X test test review review opinions
Benelli TRK502X


Excellent performance of thebraking system, well modulated, with an ABS system that feels when it needs to intervene but without being invasive. Since it cannot be switched off, you need to be more cautious only off-road.

In conclusion

A bike that stands out from the competition by several lengths, not only for the unbeatable price, but above all for what it offers: comfort, safety, quality. An eclectic bike whose defects are negligible and which has a network of dealers very well spread throughout the territory.

Our evidence only confirms that the Benelli TRK The 502 X (and the road version) will for a long time be meeting queens of sales even in the years to come.


For our test we used: Caberg Levo helmet, Spidi Netrunner jacket, Spidi Thunder H2Out pants, gloves Spidi G-Carbon, stivali Dainese Freeland Gore-Tex, Sena SF-4 intercom.