Bagster - Seats and bags for all motorcycles

Bagster, the French company of high quality saddlery and travel bags for almost all motorcycles on the market, continues to update its production to make our journeys more and more comfortable.

Bagster, the company of high quality motorcycle saddlery and travel bags for almost all motorcycles on the market, tells us the details of its production

In our interview we were able to discover all the production of the French house and touch the quality of the saddles and tank covers with their bags with “hand”. The former are also made at the customer's request with the customizations he prefers, or in the same color as the motorcycle, as well as a more comfortable and ergonomic shape than the original saddles. The bags are instead designed not only to be practical and capacious, but to adapt perfectly to the motorcycles together with the tank covers, thus combining the protection of the latter with travel needs.

Bagster designs and manufactures saddlery items, bags and many other items for motorcycles and scooter, marketed throughout Europe:

  • Saddlery: Comfort saddles, complete saddles, seat covers
  • Luggage: Traditional and magnetic tank bags, saddle bags and backpacks
  • Protection: tank protectors and other covers

Bagster attaches great importance to the quality of its products and services through:

  • vehicle specific and / or customized products
  • a constantly growing range with the integration of new products
  • an efficient after-sales service a website that can be navigated in 5 languages

Find all the information and the full range of products on the official website bagster. com


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