Backpack and Travel Bag - Style and quality from SW-Motech

Backpack and saddle / rear bag by SW Motech Legend Gear: the perfect solution for those looking for a travel bag and a backpack for everyday use.

SW Motech legend Gear Backpack and Tail bag
SW Motech Legend Gear Backpack and Tailbag

Legend Gear, Backpack and Rear Bag: SW-Motech stands out once again for quality and functionality, without losing sight of the load needs for travelers and style.

To complete the bags of the line Legend Gear, which we have already used for a long time for our BMW R-nineT, we have decided to add it backpack which turns into rear bag from saddle, and vice versa.

The Legend Gear line does not go unnoticed in urban traffic, we realize it from the many glances at the traffic lights that also capture the aesthetic continuity that goes from the tank bag, to the side bags and the backpack.

SW Motech legend Gear Backpack and Tail bag
SW Motech Legend Gear Backpack and Tailbag

On our daily journey, the laptop pocket (13 inches) suspended and padded, the internal space for documents or other and the system of military origin SOFT allow an optimal load and to add others accessories such as smartphone holder or other small bags. In fact, in the catalog we find the bottle holder, small pockets and the tool bag, all applicable with the same system to the entire Legend Gear line. Whether full or nearly empty, the adjustment straps compress and expand easily. As well as the locking system a buckles aluminum satin.

SW Motech legend Gear Backpack and Tail bag
SW Motech legend Gear Backpack and Tail bag

The week goes by slowly, but when the weekend arrives, the bag turns into the perfect travel companion. Used alone or in combination with other bags, it has a load capacity of almost 18 liters and tying it to the passenger saddle or to the luggage rack with the supplied straps is fast and intuitive.

The extremely robust materials have been chosen to last over time, without losing their characteristics. The cordura fabric and the leather napalom they are then protected from bad weather with the waterproof cover supplied.

Once at your destination, it returns to its backpack function, always comfortable even when you are around the world, on foot or in motorcycle. The style is the retro one of café racers and scramblers, but the whole Legend Gear line is so beautiful that it goes perfectly with both more modern and custom bikes.

Universal fixing for motorcycle saddle or luggage rack.
Also suitable for motorcycles with high exhausts.
4 attachment points for straps.
Usable as a backpack.
Padded and adjustable shoulder straps for greater comfort during transport.
Retractable backpack straps.
Quick military attachment system for the LA1 / LA2 gloveboxes and the LA3 smartphone bag.
Rain cap.
Made of Napalon synthetic leather and fabric, PU inner lining.
Dimensions 30 x 17 x 40 cm (width x height x depth).
Capacity 17,5 lt.

Supplied with:
4 fixing straps.
2 support straps for fixing to the license plate holder

For more information visit the manufacturer's website swmotech. com

Good road to all and remember that "Roads are made for travel, not for destinations" (Confucius).

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