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Triumph Easy Winter - Lots of discounts in the low season!

The Easy Winter program is back with many discounts on winter maintenance and be immediately ready as soon as the heat returns.

Suzuki GSX-S1000GT Tour started

The tour that will bring the demo rides of the GSX-S1000GT the new Hamamatsu Grand Tourer to Suzuki dealers has started.

MBE 2022 - the Verona fair is back on track

Motor Bike Expo 2022: the motorbikes return to roar at the Verona Fair with many guests, visitors and truly incredible motorbikes.

Val D'Orcia by motorbike

By motorbike through the Val d'Orcia, one of the most beautiful regions of Tuscany, both on asphalt and on the white roads of the Eroica.

Motogirl leggings arrive in Italy

The motorcycle leggings most loved by motorcyclists from all over the world also arrive in Italy: comfortable, stylish and protective.

SENA new bluetooth and intercoms

SENA presents the new Bluetooth and Intercom 3S PLUS Boom and 3S PLUS Universal for motorcycle and scooter helmets, both jet and full-face.

Franco Picco takes you to motorcycle school (and rally)

Now a legend, Franco Picco puts himself at your disposal to teach you the basics and secrets of off-road driving.

Health in motion: athletic, back and neck training.

Neck pain, back pain, strains, various pains: just a few gestures and exercises are enough to enjoy the bike at all ages like Franco Picco.

New Honda X-ADV 750

Honda X-ADV 750, the most versatile hybrid scooter capable of taking you around the world, on all types of terrain, is even more performing!

Heated mittens by KAPPA

Better than battery-powered grips and gloves, the definitive solution against cold hands is signed by KAPPA with heated mittens.

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