Aulla in Lunigiana - Tuscany by motorbike among the medieval villages

Aulla is located in Tuscany, in the area known as Lunigiana, a few kilometers from the border with Liguria and the Cinque Terre.

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Aulla - Fortress of Brunella - Ph. Canva

Aulla in Lunigiana, one of the most beautiful villages in Tuscany to visit by motorbike, on the border with Liguria, the Garfagnana and the Cinque Terre.

Due to the bombings of the Second World War, the ancient village was almost completely destroyed but remains of great historical and cultural interest.

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Where it is

The town is located in a strategic position at the confluence of the Aulella torrent with the Magra river, where the valley narrows considerably, closed among the surrounding hills. For these reasons Aulla it's a excellent starting point for all roads which lead to passivated area of  cissa and Cerretus, on the path of the Via Francigena and on the way to Casola and Garfagnana (to discover at this link!).

What to see

Characteristic of the village is the Brunella fortress, a sixteenth-century military construction with a quadrangular structure, located in a strategic position overlooking the valley. The Fortress was built at the behest of Giovanni delle Bande Nere around the first half of the XNUMXth century. Today it is the seat of the Lunigiana Natural History Museum. Do not miss the Palace of the Centurion renovated by the Malaspina in the XNUMXth century, which houses the remains of the gateway to the city.

Just outside Aulla, you can i castles of Bibola, of Bigliolo and Olivola with their picturesque villages. Nearby we also find other medieval villages such as those of Ballerone e Caprigliola.

What to eat

Among the most representative typical dishes of the area we find the buns, with a dough based on white or yellow corn flour, with the most varied fillings: local cold cuts and cheeses, especially bacon and lard with a drop of honey, but also the typical "chiodo", the mixture of sausage or salami cooked in the same texts. An Aullese tradition also wants a more "vegetarian" variant stuffed with rapini ... Then we find the testaroli, seasoned with pesto or other sauces, and i panigacci. Furthermore, the PDO Colli di Luni wine and the renowned dessert wine (perseghin).